Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday, November 04, 2010


I've sealed my heart in the middle of a deep blue ocean but it was hit by a sinking ship..
It was fixed and I let it float in the sky in believing that only he with wings can catch..
and then they built an airplane and once again my heart got broken..
Now I let it go in pieces so I can travel around the world looking for it all while enjoying the views...
p/s: the sun is burning.. the stars are stunning.. call me a fool but morning arising...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chance to change

If you get the chance,
what will you change?
If you get the chance,
what would you like to repair?

Chances are we will not get the chance to change the past..

Regret is a lesson..
Regret is for us to think..
Regret is for us to refine..

I don't want to change my past..
I want to better my future..
I no longer living in those days..
I am living today..

My life depend on me and only me..
Only I know what I want..
Only I can define my happiness..
and I already get the glimpse of it..

p/s: Overwhelmed with gratitude...

Monday, October 11, 2010


Driving this morning with a smile on my face.
No traffic jam, no stress.
32km and 25 minutes journey to Bsync.

I always wanted to go back to Cyber.
I always wanted to live in Cyber.

And I think it's about time.
To actually living the dream...

p/s: I was on the verge to miss you

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I could really use a wish right now

p/s: And you hoping but them people never call you back

Fall in love

When you 'fall' in love...

You tend to hurt yourself..
You'll be feeling insecure..
You become demanding..

So.. don't fall in love..
If you really like love so much, you can stay high on love...~

Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you remember?

1999, North Malaysia -

It's 9.00pm and my heart beating so fast..
I looked at the wall-clock on my right and turned my head to the left to look outside the window once again..
His porch was still dark..

God! I can't open my eyes..
It's too quiet.. super silence..
I can hear the sound of a pen falling so loud and clear..
My eyes slowly closing....

I can't stand it anymore..
I looked at the book in front of me..
'Sejarah. Tingkatan 3'
I turned the pages and stopped when I read
'Pya Songram Ramu Wisit Asmara Pya Perlis' (if i'm not mistaken)
Smiled alone...

Damn! he's right in front of me.. standing tall..
no question and no explanation..
He signaled and I raised my left hand in the air..
Piap!!!!! piap...!! piap....! (echo)

Then he reached for the red book..
He turned the pages impatiently until he found an empty one..
Some of my friends' book were still empty..
He returned it back to me..
I looked at it and read silently...
'senyum masa study'

p/s: just reminiscing.. We used to call him Pak Mahad.. My warden.. Today I added him on fb.. Not quite sure if he remember me and those days..

Monday, September 13, 2010


From the bottom of my heart..
May all the mistakes and sins be forgiven..
May all ungrateful be forgotten..
May all the bad words be erased..

...and those wonderful memories stay...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

p/s: i'm browsing and found AJ File and wonder why I made room for mistake..!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


If Columbus is not wrong..
when i turn right and you turn left..
we should just keep walking..
and at some point..
We'll meet...

I won't wait and you shouldn't too..

When we finally met, there will be so much to exchange and share..
And we can walk the circle together afterward..
With love, pride & joy...

p/s: can't despise the faith.. and i believe you wouldn't too...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

am i right?

first of all.. this post is meant for you..

so i guess i was right all these while..
you are not meant for me..
we are better as friends although it's just a virtual friendship..
don't you agree?


we shared amazing memories..
you thought me a lot of lessons..
you helped me in almost everything..
i admit...

up to the point where I somehow doubt if there's really someone better..

I broke your heart..
I turn you down..
I walked away..
for that, i'm really sorry..

you are now perfectly happy..

please tell me that i made the right decision after all..
that she is better for you which means there is the one for me too...

p/s: can you be my forever friends?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

dream far

Imagination is better than knowledge...
p/s: i'll make it happen.. my way...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If only they realized how big is the affect towards one's small life..
I work hard enough for this to loose it just like that..
Not even get the chance to present..

Why don't you just told us beforehand..

"Hi, please come for a meeting. Don't forget to use your own money traveling to this faraway land to meet us and then go back and wreck your brain thinking of how we are going to make this happen well, and waste all your time including those berbuka puasa with family & friends to think of the ideas then design everything and don't come back because we actually don't really need you for this is just a procedure which we actually already have our own people for this.."

Thank you Malaysia! I always heart you!

p/s: this is one hell of f-ing corrupshit! and those were just 20% of the whole story..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Belum kita bermula
Belum dalam pon rasa
Terhenti tiba-tiba
Kerna cerita lama

Kuucap semua kata
Tiada janji ku cipta
Cuma ikhlas semata
Tak perlu kau terima

Kalau kau bukan milikku
Bukan yang aku tunggu
Perlukah kau tahu
Kau hampiri hatiku

Suatu waktu nanti
Belum ada yang pasti
Kita takkan mengerti
Belum yang bukan kini

p/s: try not to think of you.. you smile then i melt... broke the rules...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I need IDEAS, like seriously..
Whining does no justice.. i'm still blank..
Nowhere to start always the hardest part..

I'm too busy to post about Singapore..
But I desperately wanna write something..

I got a priority which somehow is really hard to focus on..
my mind is like a helium balloon now..
I need to hold the rope really tightly or it will fly so high..
luckily standing proudly beside me is the greatest day-dreaming catcher..
But it's not pretty nice to get caught floating, ain't it?

p/s: i'm tired with this game already...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A good movie combines with great songs.

p/s: i'm thinking of you smiling

Monday, July 26, 2010


Lately I feel empty..

I have so many friends..
I got too much works..
I have not enough time..
How can empty actually took place..?

I wonder...

Friday, July 16, 2010

so what's the plan now..?

an idea crossed my mind just now.

i wanted to enjoy that place. a home i call.
i can imagine it clearly, feel it...

driving on that big road while listening to 'deliver us'...

stop at NZ and buy a big bottle of coke, or a bottle of red tea,
or better a bottle of apple flavored Barbican!
also a packet of chicken flavored Bika.

walking passed by lingling.. hot!
then the printing shop.. reminiscences those spraymount days and smile.
look down and walk..
those leaves on the rocks.. some cats at the side..

the swings.. and yes of course, that rock bench under the tree.
sit at the second bench on it's right side and look up.
once that tree was my sitting heights, but now i can only see the moon in between leaves.

after a while...

walk towards block C.
munching the balance of Bika..
passed by Blok B's swimming pool..
stop by at townhouse's swimming pool.
sitting under the coconut tree and view those sparkling moon rays's on the water...
...until i see those familiar face...

p/s: you'll find me...

Monday, July 05, 2010


kata pepatah "Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian.. Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.."

Ya, aku sedang berakit..
Sedang menuju ke hulu..

Tuhan Maha Kaya.
Walau hambanya tak mengingati-Nya setiap masa, tapi Dia tetap memberikan apa yg dipinta.
Beruntunglah mereka-mereka yang senantiasa mendekati-Nya.
Pasti termakbul setiap permintaan.

"Bekerjalah seperti kita akan hidup seribu tahun lagi.."

Maafkan saya kerana terlalu sibuk mengejar cita-cita.
Maafkan saya kerana tiada masa utk kalian semua.

Ini semua bukan untuk saya sahaja.
Cita-cita saya utk memberikan yg terbaik buat semua yg telah berjasa.
Jadi maafkanlah saya untuk hanya seketika cuma...

p/s: buat keluarga tercinta. saya terpaksa. ini untuk kita semua. maafkan saya. insyaAllah ada pulangan buat semuanya. tolong doakan saya, kerana ia bukan utk saya sahaja. baik & buruk sekarang, semoga indah di akan datang.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

this way

what will you feel if sumone in this world can't live comfortably without you?
And all you know is you didn't do anything much..

and people say you should move forward or just stay away.

can I actually choose to stay this way coz i prefer forever..

p/s: unconditional

Thursday, June 10, 2010

success revenge

someone once said
"success is the sweetest form of revenge"

what will you say to a person if you are now successful but it was not a sweet revenge at all cause you wish you are sharing that celebration with that person?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Perfect Partner

just want to let you know that I am really sorry.
it's been too long since i said this to you but 'i love you'.

i was always been trying to proof that you don't love me.
i guess i'm too afraid to trust you.

and now when i finally believe you, i realized that you have gone too far ahead...

p/s: and i'll stay here, mourning for a while...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

inside thoughts

it's been so long and I have no one to share this..

what if i'm still with him?
how would it be?
will we be happy?

i don't know..

there are days, times & moments
when i wish he was with me
tell me that everything is gonna be alright
like he always did..

yes, it took me so long..
to realize that he is gone..
to reminiscence and actually admit to myself..
i made mistake.. it was a mistake..

but i know it's just too late..
we can't turn back..
he won't turn back..

all i know is he is now in no more misery..
smiling.. happy..

thank you for giving me so much to remember..
i'll pray for your happiness.. always..
for that's all i can give..

p/s: sometimes i wish i could see your face.. to make sure that you were real..

Friday, May 28, 2010


10 things i hate about you!

1. i try not to remember.. but the memories are getting clearer...
2. i try not to think of you, but my fingers googled your name..
3. i try to keep my ego, but i keep losing the grip..
4. i try to keep the thought that u are not good for me, but your kindness & sincerity keep popping in my head.
5. i try comparing you with everyone, but you keep winning the fight..
6. i try to keep the bad memories, but it always sweeter than present.
7. i try to say that i hate you, but it hurts inside.
8. i try to erase your name from my mind, but it's getting clearer in my heart..
9. i don't want you let alone live with you, but its getting unsure..
10. i don't want you to know that i actually really love you..but i am writing this to u...

p/s: please tell me you don't love me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


when i was driving this morning, i suddenly came across something that lead me to share with you my thoughts of the day..

for centuries, we growing up with believe that man is higher than woman.
i grew up believing that.
no matter what, man will always be the best leader.
yes, 'leader'.. and they should be..

but what happened was 'some of them' abused the faith.
some who were born with insecurity, low-self esteem, yet egoistic.
so they 'create' this thing, use it and manipulate women who have all the faith in their leadership!

when men did 'things' it's called "cool or okay"! but when women did 'the same things' it's called "cheap or stupid"..

think about it...

p/s: true man believe in facts and understanding.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's been quite a while since i cried wholeheartedly watching a movie.
The last movie that made me cry was 'Children of Heaven'.

Today i've cried like i never been crying before watching this greatest emotional movie i ever watch..

Base on a true story, here i recommend you to watch this heartwarming American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named HACHIKO..

p/s: sebelum tekan play, make sure ada tisue sekotak kat sebelah mkay!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Step Back a Bit

I just read back my posts (gile bosan kan), and I just realized all of it are full with emotions lately.
I haven't post about what really happened in my life now..
There's no humor and my writings are not fun anymore..
OMG, am I old??

Okay, lets not freak out..
Here it is.. the fun Diana again.. tadaaaa! (fun la sangat kan!)
First of all, let’s start with photos (owh, i love photos, tp baru teringat mozilla ni block aku dari upload photos. patutla post aku asyik takde gambar je! pffft! tapi aku dah tau skang, aku bole pakai i.e. hahaha! in you face!)
Owh ooo, before we start with the photos;
Last 2 weeks I went to Penang for Elevate Rock Concert Tour 2010 with of course my Big Boss and 40 Winks. It’s been awhile since I have a trip with so many heads. Okay, let’s talk with the photos…

The 40 Winks
On the way to see him

yes him! Muhammad Qalif bin Muhammad Muaz (the cute little boy!)

behind the scene

ah ha! The Big Boss!

40 Winks on stage

And after the hectic yet satisfied day, we were so lucky to witness this beautiful foreworks on the way to Feringghi (ayat mcm tak pernah tgk fireworks kan)..

And our day ended with great food, pretty colors and so much of laughter...

p/s: aku akan figure out ape masalah pc ni yg susah sangat aku nak upload photos and tulis blog ni mcm dulu. Soon. Very very soon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what's better

what is better than happiness?

when someone ask you to do something, and you think twice..
you wonder whether it's right or wrong..
you start considering every possibilities..
then ask yourself, if you do it will that make you happy?

when someone ask you to stop doing something..
and you start questioning, what's the benefit of stopping..
whether it's good or not for you..
what will happen if you don't..
then STOP!

What is better than be happy?
What is better than be just who you are..
If you think you are still a kid.. than be a kid..

Cause sooner or later you will come to that point..
When you easily differentiate what is good and what is bad..
No one in the world can prove it better than yourself..

What will you learn if everything is told..
How do you know that it was wrong if you never face it..
Who are they to decide your life for you?

They have walked through it..
It's unfair if they closed the door for you just because they fall in front of it..
That might not be theirs, but those doors may be designed for you..

There are so many ways to live life..
Everyone have their own..
for nothing exist with no purpose..

p/s: I know you are there, and i want you to know that you are always here in my heart...

Monday, May 10, 2010

to call my own

I don't know what I feel right now.
I don't know why I feel so alone despite being surrounded by colorful people.
I don't know why I can hardly smile lately.
What's wrong with me?

What I want?
I question that everyday, still I have no answer.

I miss those days of laughter.
I miss those days when I shed tears.
Those days used to feel so real.
Those days used to Be so real!
If only I didn't experience so much...

I heard the greetings, "Welcome to the real life!" so many times till I ain't believe in real life no more.

If all of the days are real life, which one is fake?
And if there are any, how can I tell when I feel the feelings everyday.

How can we forget things especially when it's pretty.
Who are we to decide what to forget when we believed those were real.

p/s: i'm scared and i just realized why..

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Post it

"When the dog bites and the bee stings, I simply remember..."

I miss those days when I was in misery and I don't have to think where to turn to..

p/s: you had me at hello~

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It'll be over

Everything will be over soon.
I believe.
When my hair turned all white, i'll sit on a bench and said, wow.. what a life!

Like all of you, my life is colorful.
Full with stories. Never ending drama.
'Boring' is a word that act as a paint to cover all the trouble in my mind.

I never thought I would come to that point when adult just smile and said, "nothing", and hoping that others won't see the troubles that fill the eyes.
Can't believe that I'm the citizen of adulthood right now.
Which problems are like rice when I was just a little girl.
Like it or not, I have to eat it and continue surviving, because complaining about it will make it worst.

'It's a cruel world' is said as a quiet protest.

I need a shoulder to cry on.
I need someone who can understand my silence and know just what's right to do.
With less talk and unnoticeable actions.

p/s: there's a roller coaster in my mind and the break is broken.

Friday, April 23, 2010

mind blocked

there's so many things in my mind right now.
i want to type, but i lost the words..
but i wanted to do it so badly, to listen to the waterfall sound from my keyboard.

so, i think.. why not i just type whatever that come across my mind.
ok let's try..
i'm gonna shut down this pc as soon as i satisfied.
i'm gonna wash my car, then immediately shoot to May's.
redang... i'm supposed to be excited.. actually i am excited but i hold it back.
i don't want to feel it now. i wanna be me 16 years back. i want to scream and sing the car.
so i hold it back now.. it must begin when we start the journey!

ok, i lost words again.. i'm gonna go now.. Redang! here I come!!! tehehehe..

p/s: don't know why i like you..
and don't why God gave me this feelings so many times in life..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here I Am

Lately I spent most of the time at this office..
(in fact right now i'm in the office)...
But I am happier than ever..
Work is getting better and better..
Each day I learn new things and everyday I drive home smiling..

New lessons plus new experiences..
Friendship that I never know existed being build and getting stronger..
Professionalism stays at it's place..

Thank you to all Bsync friends (i will not say this at your face, you know)..
I owe you guys lots and lots of thanks..
I will not be here today without all of you (syahdu plak tetibe kan)

Anyway, you guys are the greatest & most fun colleague i ever had!
Thank you Adam (bukan collegue la ni, tp boss)
Thank you Ein @ Abang Garang, Muaz, Najib & Alex (Irsyad termasuk gakla ni).

Terima Kasih daun keladi.. sila beri tunjuk ajar lagi.. *winks*

p/s: I am here.. waiting for you...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

perfect sunday

Sunday comes once again
It's time to chill at the studio
Paperwork as an excuse
So I can listen to you

Watching you looking at me
Try to say hello.. but I said bro..!

Would you say today
is a perfect Sunday
Would you take my hand
Shake to declare friends?
Can I call your name
Without feeling shame?
Can we get closer
And learn bout each other?

Sunday comes once again
It's time to chill at the studio
Watching you looking at me
Try to say hello.. but I said bro..!

Would you say today
is a perfect Sunday
Would you take my hand
Shake to declare friends?
Can I call your name
Without feeling shame?
Can we get closer
And learn bout each other?

p/s: *winks

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


to be perfectly honest i'm not sure..
what is right and what is wrong..
my heart or my mind..?
why am i always in this situation..?

bak kata org tua²,
"ikut hati mati.. ikut rasa binasa"

so in the end, i do what i'm urge to do at that time..
yet still i'm not sure whether it's right or wrong..

i just hope that it was the right decision after all..
i pray that my heart and my mind will be satisfied..
because i don't know how to make the left decision...

p/s: i'm so sorry.. never meant to hurt you.. if you know me well, u should know that what i did, i did it for you...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

after Midnight

After midnight I shall kidnap you from the world
And I'll keep you in my room
Hush now my love and hold my hand
After midnight I shall take you to a place
Where no one else should know of
Hush now my love and hold my hand

You are exactly where you supposed to be
And if they come for you
They would have to find me

Keep me awake keep me amazed
Only for today
Keep me dazed
My love is yours only

After midnight
I shall stay awake
And if you chose to close your eyes now
Hush now my love
I'll watch you sleep

You are exactly where you supposed to be
And if they come for you
They would have to find me

Keep me awake keep me amazed
Only for today
Keep me dazed
My love is yours only...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I can see your smile
I can hear your laugh
I can feel your touch

I can't see you through my eyes
But I feel you in this heart
You are not here even so I know you exist

It's too many of them
Yet you are visible
Standing tall among the others

Behold if you are still not ready
Take your time for I still need mine too
Stay there and I will not move away

This longing is never a burden
Because I believe above all you are always & forever the best
In time the world will move us closer...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

who to blame?

Who to blame?
When we sent sms and the person who received it, read it with different intonation or interpreted the words wrongly..

There are so many words that has few different meanings. That's not included words that was not in the dictionary like 'poyo', 'terer', 'siyot'...
We also have so many intonation, and if we use it wrongly people can misunderstood us easily..
But at least, if we were talking face to face, we can correct the other person if they were wrong.

Technology is supposed to help us doing things faster and easier..
I never hate the technology. It is useful to me.
Nevertheless I learn that sometimes we need to put aside technology if we were to send the right message to others as misunderstanding can sometimes lead to hatred, and we don't want people to hate us simply because they wrongly interpreted our words..

p/s: aku sebenarnya tak suka short-forms yang melampau sebab bagi aku, masa 2 minit lebih berharga dari credit 20 sen..

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last night a new friend said to me,
"everything that happen to you today is because you chose for it."

My heart responded,
"i didn't choose not to have a bf, i didn't choose to be so busy, i didn't choose to get the photo so late and end up have come to the office on Sunday!"

Today I realized....

Yes, I chose all of that. I asked for all of that. But I didn't asked for it to happen now.. I were asking for it a year ago!
Sigh.. Yes sometimes we pray and we ask from Him to grant our wishes. Little did we know that our wishes have an expired date in our life.

The hardest thing for me to do is to think carefully before I make a wish. I wish for what i want at that time without even thinking what if it happened late? What if that wish will come true but not at this time?

Today, Maksu moved to Penang. She wished to stay in Penang last year. But while waiting she had to face lots of things and without realizing it, she has accepted her life in KL and enjoying it so much. Today her last year's wish is granted when they transferred her to Penang, but she no longer want to move anymore. Ironic...

Now I'm confused. What should I do? Go with the flow? Don't ask for sumthing coz I might regret it later? But everyday I want something.. Why can't I get my wish as soon as I wish for it? Or maybe that was not the right wish after all??

Seriously right now at this moment, I don't know..

p/s: ape saje yg ada dalam kepala aku skang ni? Feel so blur...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Deeper Conversation

Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace?
And im learning you

Is your skin as tanned as mine?
Does your hair flow sideways?
Did someone took a portion of your heart?
And im learning you

And if you dont mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
and Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

I let my guard down for you
And in time you will too

..does your name rhyme with mine?

p/s: Deeper Conversation by Yuna

Friday, March 05, 2010

Tilt up a bit

i got another lesson yesterday..
i stay back again.. like always...
while waiting for Cha to come and collect his cheque, i had a great chat with Adam..
yes, Adam.. my boss...

I normally will be totally disagree when someone throw me the idea that "studying is such a waste of time.." i personally don't understand why people can say that education is not important.. sigh..

but yesterday was a totally different story..
When Adam said that, i was shock..
but as usual, i will obediently listen to him because I think he is one of the successful people I encounter and i'll be the biggest jerk if i debate him straight away..

So, I ask him why he said that..
Then he started the story about his life which I will make it short here..

He was not a good student back then, in fact he's one of the worst. He didn't finish his study because he was a disgust in his college..
By that he started working and people really look down on him. Until at one point they really said all those things that make him realized that he must show them what he got.

Along the way he met lots of people, and most of the successful people didn't even go to college after school..

This is when he paused and ask me what did I learn in university? Why did I go to university?
I just keep quiet coz I don't have the answer at the time..

Then we continue with a loooong chat that give a good conclusion in the end...

it's not that education is not important and such a waste of time.. Education is the best thing you will have if you know why you want to have it..
Most of us go to college and university and take a course that we don't even sure whether that's the right one for us.
Because of that, we neglect the lessons. We 'ponteng' class. And when we go to class, we don't know what to ask because we never see the real things and we have no idea of what's the lecturer is teaching. Of course, we were just a kid...

There are so many different ways to be successful. The question now is whether we are ready or not to be one..

p/s: some of us do know how to empty their glass and fill it up with the right drink..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Malam Nada Biru
Yuna & Najwa
27th & 28th February 2010
The Actors Studio @ Lot10 Rooftop

This is one of the reason for me being soooooooo busy lately.. Bare with me my beloved people.. I'm just turning into a workaholic without even realizing it..

Wish me luck for I am praying success for each and everyone of you whom I called family and friends.. Thanks for your understanding and support.. I can never be able to payback everything..

p/s: love love & lots of love...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The day she went away

As usual, i'm home at midnight..

The house is dark and quiet.. Somehow it's too quiet..
Went to the room, and switch on the light..
empty.. silence..

I'm waiting for that annoying voice to scold me like always..
"Wei kaklong..!! Tutup la lampu tu lekaih!"
"Wei, tutupla pintu tu! Nyamuk masuk satgi! Nyamuk bukan boleh sat sat!"
and on and on...

But tonight... the room is silence..
Tonight I didn't hear that voice..
Tonight nobody scold me...

I slept on the left side of the bed as usual..
the bed felt so huge..
and there's no different kind of handphone sounds, no more snoring, no more waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-coz-someone-beside-me-is-kicking-me..
I should feel peaceful.. I should have sleep tightly..

But somehow I can't sleep.. The room feel so empty.. she's no longer here..

We argue a lot! We hit each other, scold each other..
Raised voice towards each other.. Maki-hamun each other...

Nevertheless, she's my sister and deep down I love her..

Congrats My Fat Sistah! Be good there.. Make us proud..
I am proud of you!
Take care my dear.. I miss you..

~Ziera in Adelaide~

p/s: apa kena-mengena Ziera sambung study dgn aku nak kahwin plak??! ish!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Si Comey itu

LepaQ Cafe..
As it was named.. it was really a 'lepak' place..
The place is nice.. all the posters and decorations are superb!
Owh.. and I so gonna find that lamp which has few different colors and it will circle and the colors will fill the whole wall.. I can already imagine that lamp on my bedroom wall.. So nice...

Anyway, despite the tiredness.. I met May and Sakip after work and we lepak there for a while..
Later I realized it was really a great idea coz there, all my tiredness has gone after I saw him!
He was super hot! His face's so cute, his long curly hair was gorgeous, he played guitar like a pro, his voice was husky and he sang very well too.. and then he smiled and i melted..
May and me got so excited when he sang our requested song which was 'unintended' by Muse.. Owh, I loooove his voice and I hope he will be a real singer one day...
And then we got so disappointed when the owner of the cafe told us that he's just 19 (ceh, macamla nak buat bf kan disappointed plak! Hahahaha!)

While listening to him, we have photo session.. huhu..
Here goes...



Ini dia Si Comey itu!

p/s: mmg kat sini je la kiterang lepas ni~

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kota Keriangan

At last!!! Yes! After 5 years of hoping and wishing, at last we got in!!

Genting Theme Park!
Roller coaster! At last we rode the rides! Weehuuu!
Cuma.... it will be better if everyone join and we were also sooo disappointed (except arm) because THE Space Shot was closed! IT WAS CLOSED! Demm it laaaa...
And it was so damn cold up there, dan aku budget kebal tak bawak sweater.. Nice! Memang Parkinson la kat atas tu kan! hahahaha!

Nevertheless we had fun!
Partners in crime: Thank you guys so much!

And of course, there's photos. How can I skip that? It won't be fun without photo kan?
Thanks Alan for bringing your fabulous camera, and for being the paparazzi of the day.. :D

screaming session!!!


Question: so lepas ni nak gi mana plak?
JaQ: Bali jom?! Ke.. Krabi??
Bona: Tanak!!! Nak pulau!
Semua orang: er??? hahahahahaha! *bengong ni bona!

p/s: so....... lepas ni ke mana kita kengkawan??

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


February come once again...

Happy Birthday to those who were born this month..

Hatred and anger never dwell in me for I believe each and every human being will make mistakes and deserve forgiveness if they apologize..
I made mistakes.. millions of time.. And as much as I pray that He will forgive me, so do I hope that people can also spare me forgiveness..

Life will be so much easier and prettier if we can apologize and forgive each other..
We are human.. We are learning, and the process will never stop as long as we are breathing..

For that I apologize to everyone whom I hurt in this process of learning and experiencing..
I am sorry and I hope 'World Peace' is not just a saying..

p/s: Selamat Hari Lahir.. May Allah bless you always.. Be happy!~

Thursday, January 07, 2010


My name is Mardiana binti Mahdzir!
I love my life.. I love my family.. I love my friends.. I love my job.. I love Malaysia! I love this world..
I'm lucky to be the one who swum faster than the other partners..
I'm grateful to be giving the chance to breathe and to see this world..

I'm happy because I have experienced a lot at the age of 25..
I will never forget the bad things that happened for it make me grow stronger and wiser..
I will always remember each and every sweet memories that I had with everyone I encounter...

I will continue this journey with a wide smile pasted on my face..
I will see more and learn more now...
I am strong! I am Diana!

p/s: this is my solemn promise... to myself!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I know it's late but... Happy New Year!
Bye bye 2009 and with warmest regards, welcome 2010!
This year is the year of happiness! I can already smell it!

Past is past.. i've experienced the worst! i've learn a lot!
I apologize once again for all my wrongdoings and all my wrong words for I never had any intention to hurt anyone in my life..
I'm deeply sorry for all the trouble happened although I were the one who'd fall in the darkest state..

Thanks so much to those who I call friends.. Without all of you I maybe will never get up!
Thanks for believing in me and for give me hands to grab.. I will remember it till my last breath..

Smiling widely now! Life is great!!!

p/s: I see you and I think you are perfect!