Monday, December 29, 2008


Congratulation & Celebration...
Here I would like to congratulate Boy & Che Pah for their engagement!
Yeay! Im really happy for you guys..


As i see my friends getting engaged and some are getting married, it occurs to me that i am an adult already.. Time seems to move so fast.. I still remember waking up at 6am and went to school.. Adulthood looked so far away.. Growing up felt so slow.. Can't wait to finish school..

But now, i hope the time were slower.. coz believe me kids, being an adult is the last thing you should wish for in your life..

p/s: i would also like to congratulate my two dearest friends who announce their relationship today.. I'm so happy for you guys!!! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is He The One?

I am annoyingly busy these days!!!
I only checked emails related to studies..
I don't have time to update this blog..
I haven't sleep and eat at the right time..
I can't spend time to read the book that i bought!
But today, after so many days, I wake up fresh coz I slept early last night..
While waiting for a friend to discuss about assignments, I found this in the internet:

Is He The One?

1. Does he think he's a lucky guy?
You'd like to think that he is a man who understands that life is made up of part luck and part hard work, and that both elements will affect him at some point. A man who thinks himself lucky in any way is someone who radiates gratitude, which in turn creates an aura of joyousness. And that's all good. But what really matters is that, at the very least, he is a man who feels wildly fortunate to have you in his life, because a guy who feels that way will make sure you know you're adored. And how lucky is that?

2. Are his little faults things you can handle?
Everyone is bugged by something. Does he drink directly from the carton? Hang sweaty clothes on the bathroom door? Stockpile old newspapers? Say no more. Ladies, there will always be habits that could drive you batty enough to head for the door, if you let them. But accepting someone, little faults and all, is part of love. You've got to think big picture here: Don't let his habit of rattling ice in a glass cloud your vision of a man who's caring, respectful, honest and loving. And that's to say nothing of the fact that you crack your knuckles and leave half-empty coffee cups all over the house.

3. Can you name the parts of you that he finds most beautiful?
If you know right now, without asking, that he loves the small of your back, or the way your belly sort of bulges when you lie on your side, or that your cheeks are the softest part of your face, then he must have told you more than once. And that's a beautiful thing.

4. Would he take the last sip of milk for his morning coffee?
Even in a sleep-deprived, late-for-work, barely-able-to-select-a-tie stupor, the man who leaves you the last splash of milk for your coffee is a man who understands consideration. If he thinks to take your needs into account when it comes to all of life's little "I'm thinking of you" gestures, then he probably knows what they add up to.

5. Can he keep a secret?
Not all secrets are the same, and we all know that. Some are meant to be told and others are meant to be taken to the grave. That you got drunk one night might be a secret that gets told in the form of a funny story. That you have an STD might be one you'd like to take to the grave. What's most important is that the two of you categorize secrets, both large and small, in the same way.

6. Do you know how much money he has?
Not to the penny, but a ballpark figure.
And here's the catch: You should know because the two of you have discussed it openly and honestly, not because you surreptitiously accessed his computer files while he was grilling out back.

7. Has he seen you when you're at your worst?
Worse than no makeup. Beyond bad hair. We're talking about the really evil side of you that's a brutal cocktail of bitter depression, stunning irritability and Olympic-level bitchiness. It's the you that nobody should be subjected to. You know the you we're talking about here. Yes, that one. If he's seen that you and he can handle it without calling 911, then he may be a keeper.

8. Does he kiss you firmly?
A listless, uncommitted kiss is like a limp, clammy handshake (nice to meet you, sort of). Even the most gentle, tender kiss needs to feel like it knows where it's going.

9. Does he wear a seatbelt?
Wearing a seatbelt is a tiny gesture that says he cares about himself and his well-being. Like eating vegetables. Or wearing sunscreen. Takes a minute, lasts a lifetime.

10. Is he fun?
A fun man is someone who enjoys life. He laughs at jokes, enjoys a good meal, finds entertainment and dances when the mood strikes. There's a certain youthful lightness to a man who's fun, because he knows how to live in the moment -- he takes a good look at his surroundings, sees the potential, and partakes of the possibilities. Now that sounds like fun.

p/s: Call me outdated, but seriously I believe in 'Jodoh'.
There is the one for everyone, and there is Him for me... ;)

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Its been a while, and i think I've neglected this blog too long already..
There's too many things happened in my life lately..
good things.. bad things.. great things, worst things..
And i have a mixture of feelings right now..
Sometimes i feel like crying, sometimes I think I'm the happiest person on earth..
i feel sad, i feel happy, i feel weird, i miss, i love, i hate...
God! what happen to me?

My life now is miserable and blissful at the same time..
I can't even explain whats happening to myself, let alone explaining it to others..
A friend of mine told me once..
"We control our own life, but sometimes things just happen.."

p/s: just smile and wave..~

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday was a big day for me..
Some things happened..
Things that i won't be able to share with the world..
Things that i want to remember till my last breath..

Here, i'm writing for myself..
So that i will remember the date..
To make sure that i will never forget..

p/s: unintended

Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday i picked up King and we went to Pavilion to meet PokLare..
Mache and Sharul joined us soon after..
None of us has any idea what to do, so we ended up eating donut at JCo..

Later on, all of us except PokLare went to Stoppa's house..
It was a really fun day until...

my car broke down (actually kete aL la)..
and im the driver!!! demm..
the front tyre blow up and we can't change it coz theres no tool..
it happened at midnight in the middle of nowhere..
actually bukan nowhere la, but we have no idea where's the location, and later we found out it's Jalan Parlimen.. huhu

At that time, only me, Mache and Sharul were in the car..
I've sent King and Stoppa home already..

There's a saying..
'Friends in need are friends indeed'..
I called few friends, and without asking many Qs, they came to us straight away..
Helping us to solve the problems..
It took us few hours to settle things and i knew all of them are working today..
But all of them stayed with me until everything settled..

I'm so grateful that i have them* as friends..

them* Boy, Jumann, Kimin, Fateh & Che Pah

p/s: thanks a lot guys.. sorry menyusahkan..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Girls are Crazy?

I've never felt so bored to-the-point-of-killing-myself until yesterday..
everyone were busy so no one was here to entertain me..
normally it's not a problem, but yesterday it's over the limit already..
aL went to damai laut and he left me his car, so it's killing me for aren't able to go out coz no one is free..

Luckily, at almost 8pm king agreed to lepak with me..
(kalau tak, mungkin gua dah mati kebosanan)
he is actually a fun guy to be around..
a very nice friend and a really good companion..
he is one of aL's close friend, so it's not a problem for us to chat although we hardly knew each other..
i guess we can be a really good friends..

last night, i learnt something interesting from him..
He said that madman is placed in a pink room..
normal people can't stand to be in there for a long time, but 'the insane' will feel comfortable..
and he told me there is a joke about it..
"most of the girls are crazy, because they love pink"

p/s: i like pink.. :P

I'm Bored

this is what i've been doing for the past few days coz i'm bored to death..

ANTM Cycle 11

yes! watching ANTM in you tube!

p/s: but i love the show though.. :P

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the craziness

class have started!! MMU began its new trimester last Monday..
but i've just attended my first class today.. hehe
okay, actually its not really a class.. its a presentation for my fyp* proposal..

fyp* final year project

there are 3 lecturers judging our proposals.
all of them are crazy..
despite their seriousness, they make me laugh quite few times..
i started to like Mr.K..
before this i will be shaking and turn blue every time he entered the class.. (muka dia garang gile beb!)
hopefully it won't happen again coz i'll be seeing him a lot this trimester (almost everyday kot)..

this will be the busiest and craziest trimester in my entire life as a student in MMU.

before presentation

my lecturers yg coolness! haha!

during presentation (menggelabah sampai salah ckp)

p/s: it'll be just fine DiaNa (menyedapkan hati sendiri).. hehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a night at PJ

last night i accompany aL to meet his friend that he haven't seen for 5 years plus..
i heard so much about him and me myself also wanted to meet him..
surprisingly he doesn't fit my imagination..
he looks very different from the photo that i've seen.. (ok, mungkin sbb tu gambar time sekolah kot)
last night was the first time we met, and i didn't have any conversation with him..
so, i don't wanna talk so much about him coz i don't really know him yet..

i was sitting there watching and listening to their conversation.
again, i was amazed to see their friendship..
it's so strong and genuine that nothing can jeopardize it..
the support that they give towards each other is priceless..
I've never seen a friendship like this before..
and i never thought it exist!

the brothers

p/s: selamat berkenalan king~

Thursday, November 06, 2008

another Great Movie

I've been waiting for this movie since last year i guess..
As usual Singaporeans are going to watch it first..
I just hope that our government will be more open and let us Malaysian watch the movie directed by our own star first..
We should be proud that someone among us has a genius and creative mind to come up with really good films..

I read 'the storyteller',
and i was really disappointed when Yasmin Ahmad said that the movie might not be shown here..
Its such a shame since the movie just won a prize in Japan..

Muallaf Trailer

p/s: why Malaysia?? Why???

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Perdana V6 (MD17)

I woke up this morning and log in to facebook to see the status at my dearest friend's page stated:
Mas Baizura is praying and hoping that MD 17 to be found again~

I immediately text her and ask her about it. And it was no joke. The car was stolen at 2.50am last night. I felt so pissed off because the car was parked in front of her house and this is not the first time it happened. She lost her dearest Satria GTI (MAS 12) last year.

There's a lot of memories in that car, and there's a lot of her stuffs in there too (trust me)..

I really hope she will get it back and if we ever found the responsible person, believe me he will never walk straight again...

in memory

p/s: if anyone see the car on the road, pls contact me immediately! thanks..

The Addiction

The title itself explains everything..
Yes! I'm addicted..
i promise this will be my last post about poker..
unless... yerp unless i win big time! hehe

all these while we played by the house rule.. who hold a bigger card wins..
but last night we played by the real Texas Holdem Poker Rule!
bigger kicker takes the money!!

i won only once last night! but to win with only slightly bigger kicker felt soooo good! hahaha! (sorry fred)...
aL got almost everyone's money in the end..
he got all the luck last night!
he even won with small cards.. can u believe it?! sigh..
never mind.. it's just a game..
we are not serious okay although we yelled and shouted at each other..

These are the tools that we need for the game...

The Cup: at first we put BMK money
10 cent per player

With that the game begins...

it's hard to explain how the game is played here.
if u really want to know.. Come and join us!

And in the end someone will smile and others will cry.
As for last night, aL walked away with a big smile for the biggest amount of money...

can you guess how much???

p/s: okla.. lepas ni cite benda lain plak.. hehe

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

4 Of a Kind

yeah!! kasino every nights baybeh!!
after few nights (can't remember how many nights already) we played poker, at last..!
i got 4 Of a kind!!! weeehuuu!!
i know i know.. it's not like i got royal flush..
but still!! its rare babe!
it's really hard to see the same 4 cards on the table okay!
and i got Jack!! hehehe.. lucky huh!

mine is just the diamond.winks.

p/s: ok dah jadi kaki judi nih! can't wait to yell "BMK* cepat woih!!!"

BMK= Bayaran Menunjukkan Kesungguhan...

On Monday

i woke up quite early today.. 10am.. hahaha!
(awal la tu kat umh bujang kan.. ala)
i went to Damansara () with aL..
he wanted to rent costume (obviously) for SONY annual dinner..
after trying a great number of different outfits, he finally decided to take the Elvis Presley costume in red! really had to convince him though!
they had to alter the belt coz apparently aL is too skinny! huh.. sungguh tak ku sangka!
unfortunately, i'm not allowed to take picture in the store so i cannot take photo of aL's most funniest appearance. sigh.
if not we can laugh together now, aite? isk

but here, i have a photo of the costume worn by the owner (i think) just to help you imagine on how aL will looks like at the dinner.. huhu

so now, can you join me laughing??
ok, don't worry.. i will definitely upload aL's photos later! and it will be a lot!!!

p/s: ops sorry aL! dah tak surprise.. hopefully none of your colleague read this..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Da Kasino!

It's been a while since my last post..
hurm, i guess i don't have enough time to blog.
i had a very busy days lately coz I'm staying at my parents.

anyway, for the past few days, i have a new hobby (sort of).
Gambling!!! hahaha! i blame riq for this..
its been two nights in a row for me, the newby.
and sadly i become addicted although i hardly win..
i even added the application in facebook (practice la konon).. huhu

the game called Texas HoldEm Poker.
yeah! poker! i never knew that i can play poker all this while.
maybe because it's just too complicated to understand let alone to play.
thanks to all the gurus who have thought me with patient, now i can already be part of 'da kasino's' members. hahaha!!

but last night i made a stupid move!
i have won quite a lot (the luck was on my side for a while).
suddenly arm appeared..
and as soon as he entered the game he songlap all my money!

fyi: the money that we use for the game is merely for the game. it will be kept for the next round and will never be used to eat.. so don't worry if suddenly i want to belanja you makan. haha!

so, what's the purpose of playing and winning if i can't use the money?
you may ask..
obviously because it's fun! it brings us closer and we had a good laugh in the end of the day!

p/s: i'm looking forward for the next round! hehe

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my Happy day!

i finally met one of my long-lost buddy, jai!
after 4 years of silence, this afternoon he sms me telling that today is his off day.
and lucky enough, this is my first week of trimester break.
so, we hang out!
we spent 5 hours at BV Cafe talking about the days when we were so close..
all the jokes that we had..

"aku benci kau sampai habis!" "habis ape pian?"
"adakah kamu yakin?" "saya bukan yakin.. saya jai..."
"cipot ke??" "a'a!"

ops! im sorry.. i know you didn't understand the jokes..
but all the jokes are so hilarious to me! sometimes its like we have this secret code when we speaks.
i don't remember when actually that we had a serious conversation.
have we ever had any? haha! i don't know..

i really missed those days! i know that our friendship is not the same anymore, maybe not to them.. but to me, they are still my good friends.. forever!
tina arrived at 8.15pm.. so we didn't have much time to borak cause i had to pick up my mom at 9pm..
and pok cannot join us cause he said.. "i ada hal.."

still i had fun today!!!

p/s: can't wait for next week!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

to all Shopaholics

I don't know if u follow the books by Sophie Kinsella (Shopaholics series) or not..
I collect all the books and i love it so much!
I am so excited that the Confessions of a Shopaholic is coming to the big screen.! The storyline is not 100% like the book, but Sophie Kinsella said she had a good laugh reading the script. So i guess its ok..
I'm going to watch it no matter what..

Confessions of a Shopaholic movie trailer

To tell the truth, i'm not a shopaholic.. in fact i don't really enjoy shopping since i'm not really good at it.
To me shopping is an activity with my girlfriends. As long as they are happy, i'm delighted to accompany them. But if u ask me to go shopping on my own, i'm sorry..
I rather stay at home and read. hehehe..

p/s: mas! i tak taula ape jadi kat u lepas u tgk movie ni nanti! :P

the Memory remains

I don't know why lately i miss my friends so much.
Someone told me that friends come and go.
To me, once you are my friend, you'll stay in my heart forever.

Now, i really miss edy, my long-lost buddy.
He thought me to not to be too serious all the time.
I still remember his words until today..
"Diana.. hidup ni sekali je la.. Janganla serious sangat.."
I guess he's right. Although sometimes he annoyed me by making stupid jokes when i was talking about really serious matter.
But then, that makes him a very unique and interesting friend. :P
I will never forget him.
My most prettiest friend (tapi dia laki tau!)..
Last two days, fattah told me that edy went to Ireland to further study for 3 years.
Gosh, i didn't have a chance to say goodbye..
I don't know how and why we are not close anymore.
But i hope he will never forget me as i always remember him..

I missed pok and jai too.. all the jokes.. all the laughs i had with them..
tak pernah kering gusi la org kata..
sometimes i hope i can turn back time and freeze it..
but then, life must go on right..
i just hope i can hang out with them like those days..

p/s: I miss all my friends!!!~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pelesit Kota

This morning i browse through my old stuff in the internet.
I found all the things that i saved in the email and websites since 2004.
I would like to say thank you to the people who invented or innovated this technology.

My hard disk crashed early this year and i lost 70% of my life in MMU!
The photos, the assignments, the hobbies.. :(

But lucky me, i uploaded my most precious project in you tube!
So here, i would like to share with you..
The best memory i ever had in doing assignment.

A video that built a group.
The stupid things that we argued because we were so tired.
The joy that we had although we didn't get enough sleep.
In the end..
Its worth a friendship, grade A, and lots of laughter!


Beta MPM 2013 - Pelesit Kota

p/s: i never heard of this song before this project! :P

Friday, October 17, 2008


Today is HOT!!!
I woke up early this morning.. an hour before my phone rang.
I promised mas last night that i'm going to accompany her to career fair at UKM today.
Elle took a shower after me, about half an hour before mas arrived.

I dressed up very formal today.. As if i'm the one who's looking for a job there. Haha!
Mas brought a lot of cvs. But no surprise she only dropped two there.
There's one company ( i forgot what's the name already) that annoyed us like crazy.
Keep asking me and elle to fill in the form. Haih.. Like, whatever..

anyway, the best part was we entered a competition! hihihi..
actually we were planning to buy ice creams, but its not for sale. :(
we need to answer some questions correctly to win the ice cream..

so guess what???

Yeah, we won!!!
It was so hard to win as there's a lot of questions that we don't have any clue what the answers are.. But, for the yummy ice cream on a hot sunny day, it was worth trying although we humiliated ourselves by giving stupid answers. hahaha!!!

These are the questions that worth the Cornetto Love...

Q: What is the brand of an anti-dandruff shampoo produced by Unilever?
Mas: "Clear! Clear! Clear! eh, betol ke?"

Q: What is the skin whitening product produced by Unilever?
Elle: "erm, Fair & Lovely! hihi! main hentam je"

Q: Which tv series sponsored by Sunsilk?
Diana: "Hah, i tau, i tau!! Impian Ilyana!!!"

We immediately left the crowd right after each of us won the ice creams.. hehe
And with that we started our photography session! wuuhuu!!

Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak

kami yang perasan cantik! hahaha!

after the hardship of getting the ice cream plus the humiliation that we got,
Elle said, "its biodegradable.."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

to the Brotherhood

You might say "what do i know about brotherhood?"
Yeah, i might not know a lot about it (since i'm a girl aite?)
But, it's an honor for me to get to know these weirdly interesting guys.
I've seen with my eyes how the brotherhood works.
I heard the stories of their good old days a million times, even I can tell the stories. Haha!
Still, i enjoy and laugh every time the stories being told.
It's amazing to see how different people with different background and lifestyle can be so close to one another..

To the brothers of 9600,
thank you for giving me the chance to listen and to laugh..
thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to experience and to learn..

As a gift, i made a video for you guys..
A compilation of photographs of your good old days..
Thanks to aL, kebau, iMy, che zul and stoppa for the photos..
I apologize if it's not that good.. :P

the making...
these are some of my favorite photos...

the paper stated "Kami Homo!"

this one says "to:-Kerbs
Sorry banyak² bile kau tengok gambar ni...

p/s: i still can't stop laughing!!!

Don't fall for me..

Its sunny today.. Not like yesterday, its raining and I'm so confused.
At this moment, everything is settled. I'm relieved.
No more guilt, no more complication, no more weird feelings.

To the person who had shared everything with me..
who always make time for me..
I have something to say.. Here goes..

dear you
i told you we can be friends.. i told you it will be different
and i told you it will be better
because i know all along.. we are meant to be friends
you may not understand me.. i may not understand you
but that's not our part
we don't have to understand each other
we are here to cherish each other.. to support each other
i can make you smile.. i can make you laugh
i can make you happy
but one thing you have to promise me
don't fall for me
because the moment you fall for me
i will make you cry.. and i will make you sad
you want to know why?
because that's us!
as friends, we are better for each other

p/s: Friends are forever aite?..~