Friday, October 17, 2008


Today is HOT!!!
I woke up early this morning.. an hour before my phone rang.
I promised mas last night that i'm going to accompany her to career fair at UKM today.
Elle took a shower after me, about half an hour before mas arrived.

I dressed up very formal today.. As if i'm the one who's looking for a job there. Haha!
Mas brought a lot of cvs. But no surprise she only dropped two there.
There's one company ( i forgot what's the name already) that annoyed us like crazy.
Keep asking me and elle to fill in the form. Haih.. Like, whatever..

anyway, the best part was we entered a competition! hihihi..
actually we were planning to buy ice creams, but its not for sale. :(
we need to answer some questions correctly to win the ice cream..

so guess what???

Yeah, we won!!!
It was so hard to win as there's a lot of questions that we don't have any clue what the answers are.. But, for the yummy ice cream on a hot sunny day, it was worth trying although we humiliated ourselves by giving stupid answers. hahaha!!!

These are the questions that worth the Cornetto Love...

Q: What is the brand of an anti-dandruff shampoo produced by Unilever?
Mas: "Clear! Clear! Clear! eh, betol ke?"

Q: What is the skin whitening product produced by Unilever?
Elle: "erm, Fair & Lovely! hihi! main hentam je"

Q: Which tv series sponsored by Sunsilk?
Diana: "Hah, i tau, i tau!! Impian Ilyana!!!"

We immediately left the crowd right after each of us won the ice creams.. hehe
And with that we started our photography session! wuuhuu!!

Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak

kami yang perasan cantik! hahaha!

after the hardship of getting the ice cream plus the humiliation that we got,
Elle said, "its biodegradable.."


pok^lare said...

best ke ice cream tu??

BabyCrownz said...


youppe said...

dtg la esok. aku jage booth scomi hari ahad kt career fair tu.

masbaizura said...

panas. bosan. rimas. nasib bain ade ice cream tuh..uhuhuuu. we went just for the ice cream i guess..

BabyCrownz said...

ya! i pon rasa mcm tu jugakla mas! hahaha