Friday, October 28, 2011

Kali yg ke-Dua

I've been wondering whether or not I deserve a second chance.
After what I've done.. Too proud to even admit my mistake & apologize truly..
As time pass by, I realized that I will not be getting any..
After 2 long years, I accepted that it's already become history, past tense..
No turning back, no second chance...

And then... it happen... God finally answer my prayer..
It may not be fully the same but it's better, as I always wanted..
Thank you Ya Allah.. You are indeed the most merciful...
And this time I won't loose it again..
I won't make room for unforgivable mistake..

Thank you so much for loving me..
For accepting me the way I am, an imperfect human being..
I'm sorry to say that you sometimes remind me of him..
I believe, you are my second chance..
And I'm glad I made a mistake the first time...
For it shaped me the way I am today and leads me to you...

p/s: good things happen when we least expected it.. just be patient...