Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th February

Today, after 4 years.. there's 29 days in the month of February..
Means this year is longer than last year..

my baby got hurt... for the first time in my entire life, I hit a car..

Agak teruk kecederaan kereta yg dilanggar... sian brader tu.. nama dia Iron.. sorry bro..
Special thanks to my areyang for helping me out with this..
mmg tak tau nak buat apa, sebab tak pernah langgar kereta orang...
luckily my baby is tough like me.. :P
but she has to rest for 2 weeks.. lucky her..

I so need vacation... holiday...
I need a book... I need a moment alone..
with nature.. with the world..

I'm simply tired..

p/s: Dear God.. I always believe you... Help me... pleaseeeee~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

BerDua lebih baik

bak kata orang Melayu, pejam celik pejam celik.. dah masuk bulan Dua tahun 2012..
a lot of things going on this month..
i thought i was gonna be free (from work) coz me boss has been gone for a long vacation in a very very faraway maryland.... how nice.....

tapi nampaknya masa masih lagi mencemburui aku T_T (entah apa yg dia nak cemburukan).
i didn't even manage to spend a quality time with my love one.. :(
i am really really sorry.. harap dapat bersabar.. lagi dan lagi.. iye.....

this month.. is a month of LOVE.. yes.. Bulan Kasih Sayang...
and this month, a lovely start for this year.. after sooooo long.. i went to my friend's wedding..
yup, i attend my friend's wedding! At last, not a wedding of a stranger, not a wedding of a client.. it's my close friend's wedding....

Congratulations my dearest May!
A guy we met back then... is now your husband who loves you so much!

How unexpected yet so freaking sweet yo...

Dear Muzza, I believe you are the best person to take a good care of my friend..

May Allah bless both of you always.. help you stay in love with each other..
for better and for worst..

As a friend, I'll always support...

p/s: and.. not to forget... happy happy happy birthday to whoever born this month.. May Allah bless you always... smile...~

pss: I Love You.. Yes You! You know who you Are... ;) I know we'll have more time together.. and life will get better.. InsyaAllah.. Amiiiiiin~ of coz i believe, berDua pasti lebih baik...