Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


February is over..
Happy belated birthday to you..

Whenever I lack of idea, I will think of him..
How ungrateful I was, not to appreciate the one person who always fed me with great ideas..
It's been so long..
Yet I still can't forget...
The way he squeezed his brain and stayed by my side whenever I need..
Ditch everything else just to make sure I finish my work..
Gave me strength every time I cried..
Days and nights, he helped me unconditionally..

Thank you a million... I will never ever forget your kindness and sincerity..

I don't know until when I'll be asking your forgiveness..
I totally understand if you hate me and can't forgive me..
But I really want you to know that I am truly deeply sorry...

p/s: Men are bastards.. You are certainly not one of them...