Saturday, August 28, 2010

am i right?

first of all.. this post is meant for you..

so i guess i was right all these while..
you are not meant for me..
we are better as friends although it's just a virtual friendship..
don't you agree?


we shared amazing memories..
you thought me a lot of lessons..
you helped me in almost everything..
i admit...

up to the point where I somehow doubt if there's really someone better..

I broke your heart..
I turn you down..
I walked away..
for that, i'm really sorry..

you are now perfectly happy..

please tell me that i made the right decision after all..
that she is better for you which means there is the one for me too...

p/s: can you be my forever friends?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

dream far

Imagination is better than knowledge...
p/s: i'll make it happen.. my way...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If only they realized how big is the affect towards one's small life..
I work hard enough for this to loose it just like that..
Not even get the chance to present..

Why don't you just told us beforehand..

"Hi, please come for a meeting. Don't forget to use your own money traveling to this faraway land to meet us and then go back and wreck your brain thinking of how we are going to make this happen well, and waste all your time including those berbuka puasa with family & friends to think of the ideas then design everything and don't come back because we actually don't really need you for this is just a procedure which we actually already have our own people for this.."

Thank you Malaysia! I always heart you!

p/s: this is one hell of f-ing corrupshit! and those were just 20% of the whole story..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Belum kita bermula
Belum dalam pon rasa
Terhenti tiba-tiba
Kerna cerita lama

Kuucap semua kata
Tiada janji ku cipta
Cuma ikhlas semata
Tak perlu kau terima

Kalau kau bukan milikku
Bukan yang aku tunggu
Perlukah kau tahu
Kau hampiri hatiku

Suatu waktu nanti
Belum ada yang pasti
Kita takkan mengerti
Belum yang bukan kini

p/s: try not to think of you.. you smile then i melt... broke the rules...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I need IDEAS, like seriously..
Whining does no justice.. i'm still blank..
Nowhere to start always the hardest part..

I'm too busy to post about Singapore..
But I desperately wanna write something..

I got a priority which somehow is really hard to focus on..
my mind is like a helium balloon now..
I need to hold the rope really tightly or it will fly so high..
luckily standing proudly beside me is the greatest day-dreaming catcher..
But it's not pretty nice to get caught floating, ain't it?

p/s: i'm tired with this game already...

Sunday, August 15, 2010