Thursday, January 07, 2010


My name is Mardiana binti Mahdzir!
I love my life.. I love my family.. I love my friends.. I love my job.. I love Malaysia! I love this world..
I'm lucky to be the one who swum faster than the other partners..
I'm grateful to be giving the chance to breathe and to see this world..

I'm happy because I have experienced a lot at the age of 25..
I will never forget the bad things that happened for it make me grow stronger and wiser..
I will always remember each and every sweet memories that I had with everyone I encounter...

I will continue this journey with a wide smile pasted on my face..
I will see more and learn more now...
I am strong! I am Diana!

p/s: this is my solemn promise... to myself!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I know it's late but... Happy New Year!
Bye bye 2009 and with warmest regards, welcome 2010!
This year is the year of happiness! I can already smell it!

Past is past.. i've experienced the worst! i've learn a lot!
I apologize once again for all my wrongdoings and all my wrong words for I never had any intention to hurt anyone in my life..
I'm deeply sorry for all the trouble happened although I were the one who'd fall in the darkest state..

Thanks so much to those who I call friends.. Without all of you I maybe will never get up!
Thanks for believing in me and for give me hands to grab.. I will remember it till my last breath..

Smiling widely now! Life is great!!!

p/s: I see you and I think you are perfect!