Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Malam Nada Biru
Yuna & Najwa
27th & 28th February 2010
The Actors Studio @ Lot10 Rooftop

This is one of the reason for me being soooooooo busy lately.. Bare with me my beloved people.. I'm just turning into a workaholic without even realizing it..

Wish me luck for I am praying success for each and everyone of you whom I called family and friends.. Thanks for your understanding and support.. I can never be able to payback everything..

p/s: love love & lots of love...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The day she went away

As usual, i'm home at midnight..

The house is dark and quiet.. Somehow it's too quiet..
Went to the room, and switch on the light..
empty.. silence..

I'm waiting for that annoying voice to scold me like always..
"Wei kaklong..!! Tutup la lampu tu lekaih!"
"Wei, tutupla pintu tu! Nyamuk masuk satgi! Nyamuk bukan boleh sat sat!"
and on and on...

But tonight... the room is silence..
Tonight I didn't hear that voice..
Tonight nobody scold me...

I slept on the left side of the bed as usual..
the bed felt so huge..
and there's no different kind of handphone sounds, no more snoring, no more waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-coz-someone-beside-me-is-kicking-me..
I should feel peaceful.. I should have sleep tightly..

But somehow I can't sleep.. The room feel so empty.. she's no longer here..

We argue a lot! We hit each other, scold each other..
Raised voice towards each other.. Maki-hamun each other...

Nevertheless, she's my sister and deep down I love her..

Congrats My Fat Sistah! Be good there.. Make us proud..
I am proud of you!
Take care my dear.. I miss you..

~Ziera in Adelaide~

p/s: apa kena-mengena Ziera sambung study dgn aku nak kahwin plak??! ish!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Si Comey itu

LepaQ Cafe..
As it was named.. it was really a 'lepak' place..
The place is nice.. all the posters and decorations are superb!
Owh.. and I so gonna find that lamp which has few different colors and it will circle and the colors will fill the whole wall.. I can already imagine that lamp on my bedroom wall.. So nice...

Anyway, despite the tiredness.. I met May and Sakip after work and we lepak there for a while..
Later I realized it was really a great idea coz there, all my tiredness has gone after I saw him!
He was super hot! His face's so cute, his long curly hair was gorgeous, he played guitar like a pro, his voice was husky and he sang very well too.. and then he smiled and i melted..
May and me got so excited when he sang our requested song which was 'unintended' by Muse.. Owh, I loooove his voice and I hope he will be a real singer one day...
And then we got so disappointed when the owner of the cafe told us that he's just 19 (ceh, macamla nak buat bf kan disappointed plak! Hahahaha!)

While listening to him, we have photo session.. huhu..
Here goes...



Ini dia Si Comey itu!

p/s: mmg kat sini je la kiterang lepas ni~

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kota Keriangan

At last!!! Yes! After 5 years of hoping and wishing, at last we got in!!

Genting Theme Park!
Roller coaster! At last we rode the rides! Weehuuu!
Cuma.... it will be better if everyone join and we were also sooo disappointed (except arm) because THE Space Shot was closed! IT WAS CLOSED! Demm it laaaa...
And it was so damn cold up there, dan aku budget kebal tak bawak sweater.. Nice! Memang Parkinson la kat atas tu kan! hahahaha!

Nevertheless we had fun!
Partners in crime: Thank you guys so much!

And of course, there's photos. How can I skip that? It won't be fun without photo kan?
Thanks Alan for bringing your fabulous camera, and for being the paparazzi of the day.. :D

screaming session!!!


Question: so lepas ni nak gi mana plak?
JaQ: Bali jom?! Ke.. Krabi??
Bona: Tanak!!! Nak pulau!
Semua orang: er??? hahahahahaha! *bengong ni bona!

p/s: so....... lepas ni ke mana kita kengkawan??

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


February come once again...

Happy Birthday to those who were born this month..

Hatred and anger never dwell in me for I believe each and every human being will make mistakes and deserve forgiveness if they apologize..
I made mistakes.. millions of time.. And as much as I pray that He will forgive me, so do I hope that people can also spare me forgiveness..

Life will be so much easier and prettier if we can apologize and forgive each other..
We are human.. We are learning, and the process will never stop as long as we are breathing..

For that I apologize to everyone whom I hurt in this process of learning and experiencing..
I am sorry and I hope 'World Peace' is not just a saying..

p/s: Selamat Hari Lahir.. May Allah bless you always.. Be happy!~