Wednesday, March 31, 2010


to be perfectly honest i'm not sure..
what is right and what is wrong..
my heart or my mind..?
why am i always in this situation..?

bak kata org tua²,
"ikut hati mati.. ikut rasa binasa"

so in the end, i do what i'm urge to do at that time..
yet still i'm not sure whether it's right or wrong..

i just hope that it was the right decision after all..
i pray that my heart and my mind will be satisfied..
because i don't know how to make the left decision...

p/s: i'm so sorry.. never meant to hurt you.. if you know me well, u should know that what i did, i did it for you...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

after Midnight

After midnight I shall kidnap you from the world
And I'll keep you in my room
Hush now my love and hold my hand
After midnight I shall take you to a place
Where no one else should know of
Hush now my love and hold my hand

You are exactly where you supposed to be
And if they come for you
They would have to find me

Keep me awake keep me amazed
Only for today
Keep me dazed
My love is yours only

After midnight
I shall stay awake
And if you chose to close your eyes now
Hush now my love
I'll watch you sleep

You are exactly where you supposed to be
And if they come for you
They would have to find me

Keep me awake keep me amazed
Only for today
Keep me dazed
My love is yours only...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I can see your smile
I can hear your laugh
I can feel your touch

I can't see you through my eyes
But I feel you in this heart
You are not here even so I know you exist

It's too many of them
Yet you are visible
Standing tall among the others

Behold if you are still not ready
Take your time for I still need mine too
Stay there and I will not move away

This longing is never a burden
Because I believe above all you are always & forever the best
In time the world will move us closer...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

who to blame?

Who to blame?
When we sent sms and the person who received it, read it with different intonation or interpreted the words wrongly..

There are so many words that has few different meanings. That's not included words that was not in the dictionary like 'poyo', 'terer', 'siyot'...
We also have so many intonation, and if we use it wrongly people can misunderstood us easily..
But at least, if we were talking face to face, we can correct the other person if they were wrong.

Technology is supposed to help us doing things faster and easier..
I never hate the technology. It is useful to me.
Nevertheless I learn that sometimes we need to put aside technology if we were to send the right message to others as misunderstanding can sometimes lead to hatred, and we don't want people to hate us simply because they wrongly interpreted our words..

p/s: aku sebenarnya tak suka short-forms yang melampau sebab bagi aku, masa 2 minit lebih berharga dari credit 20 sen..

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last night a new friend said to me,
"everything that happen to you today is because you chose for it."

My heart responded,
"i didn't choose not to have a bf, i didn't choose to be so busy, i didn't choose to get the photo so late and end up have come to the office on Sunday!"

Today I realized....

Yes, I chose all of that. I asked for all of that. But I didn't asked for it to happen now.. I were asking for it a year ago!
Sigh.. Yes sometimes we pray and we ask from Him to grant our wishes. Little did we know that our wishes have an expired date in our life.

The hardest thing for me to do is to think carefully before I make a wish. I wish for what i want at that time without even thinking what if it happened late? What if that wish will come true but not at this time?

Today, Maksu moved to Penang. She wished to stay in Penang last year. But while waiting she had to face lots of things and without realizing it, she has accepted her life in KL and enjoying it so much. Today her last year's wish is granted when they transferred her to Penang, but she no longer want to move anymore. Ironic...

Now I'm confused. What should I do? Go with the flow? Don't ask for sumthing coz I might regret it later? But everyday I want something.. Why can't I get my wish as soon as I wish for it? Or maybe that was not the right wish after all??

Seriously right now at this moment, I don't know..

p/s: ape saje yg ada dalam kepala aku skang ni? Feel so blur...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Deeper Conversation

Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace?
And im learning you

Is your skin as tanned as mine?
Does your hair flow sideways?
Did someone took a portion of your heart?
And im learning you

And if you dont mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
and Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

I let my guard down for you
And in time you will too

..does your name rhyme with mine?

p/s: Deeper Conversation by Yuna

Friday, March 05, 2010

Tilt up a bit

i got another lesson yesterday..
i stay back again.. like always...
while waiting for Cha to come and collect his cheque, i had a great chat with Adam..
yes, Adam.. my boss...

I normally will be totally disagree when someone throw me the idea that "studying is such a waste of time.." i personally don't understand why people can say that education is not important.. sigh..

but yesterday was a totally different story..
When Adam said that, i was shock..
but as usual, i will obediently listen to him because I think he is one of the successful people I encounter and i'll be the biggest jerk if i debate him straight away..

So, I ask him why he said that..
Then he started the story about his life which I will make it short here..

He was not a good student back then, in fact he's one of the worst. He didn't finish his study because he was a disgust in his college..
By that he started working and people really look down on him. Until at one point they really said all those things that make him realized that he must show them what he got.

Along the way he met lots of people, and most of the successful people didn't even go to college after school..

This is when he paused and ask me what did I learn in university? Why did I go to university?
I just keep quiet coz I don't have the answer at the time..

Then we continue with a loooong chat that give a good conclusion in the end...

it's not that education is not important and such a waste of time.. Education is the best thing you will have if you know why you want to have it..
Most of us go to college and university and take a course that we don't even sure whether that's the right one for us.
Because of that, we neglect the lessons. We 'ponteng' class. And when we go to class, we don't know what to ask because we never see the real things and we have no idea of what's the lecturer is teaching. Of course, we were just a kid...

There are so many different ways to be successful. The question now is whether we are ready or not to be one..

p/s: some of us do know how to empty their glass and fill it up with the right drink..