Tuesday, March 23, 2010

who to blame?

Who to blame?
When we sent sms and the person who received it, read it with different intonation or interpreted the words wrongly..

There are so many words that has few different meanings. That's not included words that was not in the dictionary like 'poyo', 'terer', 'siyot'...
We also have so many intonation, and if we use it wrongly people can misunderstood us easily..
But at least, if we were talking face to face, we can correct the other person if they were wrong.

Technology is supposed to help us doing things faster and easier..
I never hate the technology. It is useful to me.
Nevertheless I learn that sometimes we need to put aside technology if we were to send the right message to others as misunderstanding can sometimes lead to hatred, and we don't want people to hate us simply because they wrongly interpreted our words..

p/s: aku sebenarnya tak suka short-forms yang melampau sebab bagi aku, masa 2 minit lebih berharga dari credit 20 sen..

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