Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Way

Don't treat me like a maid..
For I will hate your voice over..

Don't treat me like a mother..
For you will hate my voice over and over..

Don't treat me like a daughter..
For you will have to listen to me no matter..

Don't treat me like a sister..
For I will not listen to you forever..

Treat me as Your Other..
Or you may call it Lover..
For we will always understand each other..

p/s: DM.. ;)

Thursday, September 08, 2011


I was ordered to go to the show on a very last minute basis (as usual).
It was bored at first (pasal takde keje)..
Sat behind me boss and watch him working.. Suddenly a guy in army pants with covered face walked in front of me.. And my heart melt immediately.. :P

He wanted to use me mac suddenly, and I let him be.. we didn't talk to each other at all..

After show, he suddenly asked me "nak balik dah? bile nak jumpe lagi?" and I remembered answering "bile ada show lagi.." huhu.. *blushed*

As I was driving back, I can't keep him off my head.. Smiling all the way.. haha!
And at one point, I was screaming so loud in my car "Ya Allah! Aku nak dia..!!!" alone of course..
haha LOL!

I didn't know his name, I forgot his company name, I know nothing about this guy..
For a few weeks... there's no sign of him at all, we got no show and truthfully I have lost ways to find him..
I thought we will never see each other again...

God's will...

we met again.. at my studio.. this time we get to know each other...

Today... he call me sayang... the end.

p/s: i think i deserve a beautiful thing...~
pss: Sore - 7/7/11 - Bentley Music