Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Music Industry

Music industry in Malaysia can grow!

But first, Malaysian need to understand that a concert is not just about the artiste and glamour.
It's a professional industry where we have musicians, sound engineers, lighting designer, stage manager, and crew(s) whom are the backbone of a show and they work really hard (most of the time even harder than the artiste) in order to make sure the concert went well... These people are really really super important and if they are not good, no matter how great and talented the artiste is, there will never be a good show. Trust me!

I think it's time for the media to educate Malaysian if we want this industry to grow better and faster. We should learn from Western on this if we want to have the same quality show as theirs.
It can be done. All we need to do is stop the stupid condemn and work hard to improve.

p/s: seriously.. Malaysia Boleh! (when all malaysian believe)

Saturday, April 16, 2011