Monday, November 30, 2009


As long as we are sane people, we will definitely have problems.
I have problems. Everybody has..
How do we differentiate the big problems and the small one?
How do we know A's problems are bigger than D's?

In my view, I think we won't..
Yes, we can never say A's problems are bigger than B's.
Because to me problems are very subjective..
Maybe that problems looks so small in our eyes, but not to the person who bears it..
As long as it is not ours, we can never judge how small or how big that problem is..

But the most important thing is actually not the problem itself, but how we handle it..
That's how I differentiate the size of my problems..
The harder for me to handle it, means the bigger the problem is..
But then, if I encounter the same problems many times, it will definitely getting smaller and smaller..

So I hope as I get older, I will become wiser..
I hope that I will handle my problems more easily although I was hoping that I will not encounter the same problems again and again.. :D

p/s: yerps.. post ini bukan untuk menceritakan masalah-masalah saye.. hehe

Friday, November 27, 2009


That's all I need right now..
I just want a day off. A day without mind. A day that I can think about nothing.
A day that I can fully repose. Can I? Should I?
I so need a holiday. A real vacation. Where I can smile sincerely, laugh wholeheartedly. Talk nonsensically.

I want to cry but I have no tears.
I want to scream but I have no voice.
The worst part is I don't even know why.
I don't even know what's my problems.
I am lost. So lost...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm sorry...

I would like to apologize..
For all the things I've said and done..
For when I were moody and being sarcastic..
For my annoyingly talkative habit..
For asking so much ridiculous questions..
For all the complaints and nagging..
For all the stupid mumblings..
For being so stubborn..
For not being on time..
For giving false hope..
For all the lies..
And for every wrongdoings whether realizing it or not..
I am so so so sorry..

~Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Qurban~

p/s: Ya Allah.. I am just your humble worshiper. Please forgive me...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shit Happens!

I really really really hate that phrase! But then I have to admit that it is true. Shit happens!
Whether we like it or not. Obviously we don't like it.
Last night our beloved Nissan Sunny (KV9916) has been stolen at Subang airport a.k.a Skypark.
That car has given us so much memories since we were in Langkawi until now.
Can't believe someone could stole that old car!

What makes it worst is all the most precious and valuable things that I put in that car.
My degree certificate and all other certs in my files.
And the first thing that crossed my mind last night was Kebau and Imy's albums!!!
Damn, I almost fainted last night!
Kebau asked me to take care of the albums like my own life, and now I hope he will kill me!
I never expected this to happened..

Thousands of apologized won't bring the photos back! I know that fact!
I know how much they love that photos.. The memories.. I know!
It hurts me damn badly and I can't even imagine their feelings..
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry..............

And my dad loves that car so much!!!
I love that car so much!

p/s: i have hope.. I believe we can find it back! Amiiin...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Aku ada kawan. Semua orang ada kawan..
Ada sorang kawan aku cakap.. Err, aku anggap dia kawan aku tapi dia kata kita perlu mengambil masa 4 tahun untuk menjadikan seseorang tu kawan kita, sebelum tu, kenalan..

Ya.. istilah yang berbeza, maksud mungkin sama.. Pada aku, kenalan adalah orang yang kita hanya tahu nama dan bertegur bila terjumpa saja.. Berurusan bila perlu sahaja. Kawan pulak adalah orang yang kita ada no phone, keluar melepak bersama, dan kekal berhubung.
Dan di antara kawan-kawan ada sahabat. Yang pernah susah dan senang bersama. Berkongsi masalah dan rahsia bersama. Bergembira bersama. Menangis bersama. Bagi aku masa bukan menjadi ukuran. Ada orang yang memerlukan bertahun-tahun untuk menjadi sahabat kita.. Ada pulak yang hanya beberapa hari saja.. Semuanya bergantung pada keadaan..

Dalam ramai-ramai kenalan, kawan dan sahabat aku, ada seorang insan yang aku anggap sahabat baik aku.. Dia memang terlalu mengenali aku luaran dan dalaman.. Walaupon kami jarang sangat berjumpa, tapi dia sentiasa tahu isi hati aku, tak perlu aku bercerita panjang..
Aku harap persahabatan kami akan kekal selama-lamanya..

Apa-apa pon aku hargai setiap insan yang aku kenal di dunia ni.. Bagi aku kenalan, kawan dan sahabat adalah rezeki..

p/s: takda manusia yang boleh hidup sendirian~

Monday, November 23, 2009


I just love the idea of holiday and vacation..
I want to travel around the world..
I want to do all the stupid things on that trip..
I want to try all the weird activities..

someone told me that I need to get out of the box..
I never even see the box..
But I believe him.. Because his thinking is so different and interesting..
Maybe he is out of his box already..
So, why should I object when I know just some little things and I can see that he knows so many..

I need to learn a lot..
There are so much that I don't know..
So many that I have to know..
Saya memang budak baru belajar!

please please please dear God..
Let me have some time and money to travel..
Coz I believe your world is still big for me for I want to go and explore it..
Thank you!

first sekali nak gi sini!

p/s: i'm praying hard!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quill Pen & Ink

Why do i named my blog 'Quill Pen & Ink'?
I created this blog merely to express my feelings if not to others just for myself..
I am a person with thousands of feelings.. Thousands of characters..
I can write with thousands different kind of handwriting..

A wise person said that we can defined one character by their handwriting..
But I have so many different hand writings. I can copy other's too and sometimes use it until I found other style..
So how can u say u know my hand writing so well while I don't even know which one is really mine?

Lately my life is jumbling.. Although I'm tired and sometimes got hurt, still I really enjoy this moment of life.. I'm learning and I'll keep on collecting everything along the way.. If it's bad for me, I'll throw it away.. maybe other people will take it if it suits them..
Coz I believe sometimes what is good for me, can be bad for others and vise versa. We are human.. We are different..

I hope life can be simpler but it won't be interesting anymore right?
We love people to smile at us but how can we know that smile is so good if we never see tears?
How would we enjoy laughter if we never been crying?
Why should we appreciate praise if we never been scolded?

Yes, life is colorful.. Writing about life feels so wonderful.. I will keep on writing with my quill.. About me.. about my life..

p/s: Life is wonderful because death exist~

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

dua kosong kosong

Yer, aku dah janji ngan korang takkan tulis pasal ni..
Tapi... takkan korang percaya ngan janji-janji manis aku tu kot!?
Hahahahaha! Memang sah-sah i'll cross my fingers! :P
Dahla korang taknak selamatkan aku, ada hati suruh aku berjanji.. bluek!

Spontaneous. Unplanned. I loike!
Lepas 5 tahun akhirnya hajat aku tercapai gak! Thanks to my partners in crime (sedih sbb tak cukup lengkap).
Tapi memang enjoy. Hopefully next time semua dapat join.. Biar meriah!

As people said, pictures tell a thousand words. So daripada aku tulis seribu perkataan yang berkemungkinan akan membuatkan reputasi sesetengah pihak terjatuh (hahaha! tiru ayat syaza).. Baik aku letak gambor-gambor je kat sini kan..
Walaupon tak banyak. Kate tak dirancang, mmg hasilnya camera handphone je ler.. Tu pon nasib baik ade..

kabus ribut

next trip gua paksa semua naik tu!

finela.. I jump! sob sob

sori, kaco daun ye kecik. hahaha!

mmg up shiyal!

p/s: okay next...!!!