Monday, November 23, 2009


I just love the idea of holiday and vacation..
I want to travel around the world..
I want to do all the stupid things on that trip..
I want to try all the weird activities..

someone told me that I need to get out of the box..
I never even see the box..
But I believe him.. Because his thinking is so different and interesting..
Maybe he is out of his box already..
So, why should I object when I know just some little things and I can see that he knows so many..

I need to learn a lot..
There are so much that I don't know..
So many that I have to know..
Saya memang budak baru belajar!

please please please dear God..
Let me have some time and money to travel..
Coz I believe your world is still big for me for I want to go and explore it..
Thank you!

first sekali nak gi sini!

p/s: i'm praying hard!