Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shit Happens!

I really really really hate that phrase! But then I have to admit that it is true. Shit happens!
Whether we like it or not. Obviously we don't like it.
Last night our beloved Nissan Sunny (KV9916) has been stolen at Subang airport a.k.a Skypark.
That car has given us so much memories since we were in Langkawi until now.
Can't believe someone could stole that old car!

What makes it worst is all the most precious and valuable things that I put in that car.
My degree certificate and all other certs in my files.
And the first thing that crossed my mind last night was Kebau and Imy's albums!!!
Damn, I almost fainted last night!
Kebau asked me to take care of the albums like my own life, and now I hope he will kill me!
I never expected this to happened..

Thousands of apologized won't bring the photos back! I know that fact!
I know how much they love that photos.. The memories.. I know!
It hurts me damn badly and I can't even imagine their feelings..
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry..............

And my dad loves that car so much!!!
I love that car so much!

p/s: i have hope.. I believe we can find it back! Amiiin...

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