Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quill Pen & Ink

Why do i named my blog 'Quill Pen & Ink'?
I created this blog merely to express my feelings if not to others just for myself..
I am a person with thousands of feelings.. Thousands of characters..
I can write with thousands different kind of handwriting..

A wise person said that we can defined one character by their handwriting..
But I have so many different hand writings. I can copy other's too and sometimes use it until I found other style..
So how can u say u know my hand writing so well while I don't even know which one is really mine?

Lately my life is jumbling.. Although I'm tired and sometimes got hurt, still I really enjoy this moment of life.. I'm learning and I'll keep on collecting everything along the way.. If it's bad for me, I'll throw it away.. maybe other people will take it if it suits them..
Coz I believe sometimes what is good for me, can be bad for others and vise versa. We are human.. We are different..

I hope life can be simpler but it won't be interesting anymore right?
We love people to smile at us but how can we know that smile is so good if we never see tears?
How would we enjoy laughter if we never been crying?
Why should we appreciate praise if we never been scolded?

Yes, life is colorful.. Writing about life feels so wonderful.. I will keep on writing with my quill.. About me.. about my life..

p/s: Life is wonderful because death exist~

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