Wednesday, May 30, 2012

m a y t w e n t y t w e l v e

I missed Abah's Birthday Gathering.. Usually our family will go out for dinner to celebrate's birthday.
It's been months since I've seen them.. (Macamla kerja kat overseas). 
But truly I'm super busy.... Apologize for that Abah.. I'll make it up... InsyaAllah...

Can't wait to finish all these and enjoying the satisfaction.. Right now, I just need to work extra hard to satisfy everyone else first... Dear God, please grant me patience in sincere dedication..~

Again... I missed Zira's birthday.. By missed I mean, I didn't manage to wish her on the date itself.
Super busy and totally forgot the date since it was Sunday. Was working overtime. Not a very good day for me.. 
However, I wish you all the best dear Sister.. and hopefully your days are much better than mine...

It's raining heavily today.. Managed to settle a few things yesterday and have plenty to work with today..
Purposely have this break time to write here. Just not to miss May altogether...

I hope all these are worth it.. So far, a lot of my wish granted by Him.
Syukur Alhamdulillah...
I believe He has a great plan for me as I made wish for a lot of good things since I was little..
I trust Him.. Thankful for everything He gave.. Thankful to be alive.. Thank You Ya Allah...
I'm truly glad I was born a Muslim... and I hope He'll always show me the right way.. Amiiin...~

p/s: at one point in your life, you can actually forgot your own birthday and your own age. True story! 
I never believe this until... it happened