Monday, June 22, 2009

i'll be with him

yes, i want to live with him...

the one who will always make me smile..
who will always make me laugh..
who will shed my tears away..
who will always made my day..

who will have fun with me all the time..
who will scream with me on a roller coaster ride..
who will lie by my side at the beach..
who will jump happily with me at the lake..
who will sit beside me at a waterfall..
who will laugh loudly with me when i fall..
who will never be bored listening to my never ending stories..
who will never get tired telling me stories..

he will hug me tightly when i'm angry..
and will let me hug him when he is angry..
he will always hold my hand when we walk..
and will piggyback me when i'm tired..
he will pick me up from work..
and will drive me home safely..
he will give me advise when needed..
and will listen to my opinion and advise..
he will lecture me when i did something wrong..
he will know all my problems and will let me know his..

my friends will be his and his friends will be mine..
my hobbies will be his and his hobbies will be mine..
we will be best friends and lovers..
he will love me as much as i love him..
we will never leave each other alone..
we will share everything together.. forever..

no pretending.. no sweet talking.. no empty promises..

p/s: i am waiting

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Love Langkawi!!!

we've plan this trip since last month..
at first we are planning to go to Redang but due to weather report from Arm and Kak Nad, we changed our plan and ended up in Langkawi..

it was a 4 days 3 nights stay full of laughter and enjoyable moments..
i wish we can stay there and have fun forever...

Here are some of the highlights in Langkawi Island...

:: Day 1 ::

the driver

Pantai Chenang (Grand Beach Motel)

Beras Terbakaq

cable car

710 metres above sea level

sky bridge

Telaga Harbor

Ombak Garang!

dinner at Tiara

Dataran Lang

:: Day 2 ::


Gua Kelawar

Gua Buaya

fish farm

Lang's Starbucks :P

boat & fish feeding

Gua Cherita

Telaga Tujuh

seafood at Bamboo Restaurant

:: Day 3 ::

Island Hopping

Pulau Beras Basah

Pulau Dayang Bunting

Tasik Dayang Bunting

jumping session

ape yang penting?? kerjasama!

pictionary pantai

the best seafood ever at Wonderland

minah² rempit

:: Day 4 ::

beli tiket balik

round² island

singgah 'membuang'.. hahaha



possing session

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

our transportation

dalam ferry

pulang.. sob sob :(

p/s: we had joy & we had fun.. really hope that we can have another great trip like this!