Friday, June 12, 2009

i'm waiting for YOU! worried :(

dear My King..
i hope you will read this..

i dunno what happen..
suddenly you are missing..
i'm worried to death now..
it's been a week, and i'm freaking out..
everyone told me to chill..
but how can i sit quietly..
my heart is aching..
i love you so much.. and i miss you badly..

i can't sleep at night, thinking about you..
how are you? what happen?
have i done something bad?
did i said something wrong?
i honestly don't know..
i'm sorry if i've done something i shouldn't..

i've done EVERYTHING i could to find you..
but still i don't have any news until now..
i don't know what to do anymore..
so i'm writing this hoping that you will read it..

just so you know..
i really love you! and i miss you so much!

p/s: please call me.. i'll be waiting



teruskan kehidupan n teruskan bekarya

BabyCrownz said...


nooreen.rahman said...

be strong! :) he will call ;)

BabyCrownz said...

thanks noreen..