Thursday, June 04, 2009

I miss u all!!!

i'm in s.alam rite now..
it's been a while since i updated this blog..
i've been sooo F-ing busy with my fyp..
it's done now.. finish.. over.. yeah!!!
it's not as good as i wanted it to be.. but it was okay...

despite bzying with fyp, i had a great time with my beloved fwends!!
(3 minggu kot duk dalam kete, berjalan je keje)

so, here's the 'evidence' of our happy moment!!!

there are so many photos, but i uploaded only 5% here i guess..
the rest are all in our fb..
thanks a lot my fwends.. that was the most enjoyable days i ever had in mmu...
i really hope that we won't loose contact later..

i still can't believe that everything is over.. no more assignments, no more classes..
damn.. ok, i'll post about this when i'm really sure about it..
now i just want to think about our happy moment coz i'm not ready to cry yet!~

p/s: pancong saaaaap!~


redmonollysum said...

sedihnya korang dah abis study.. rindunya nak melepakkkkkk dgn semua!!! :((

BabyCrownz said...

aghhh.. sedey gaks!!! langkawi!! yeay!!

Diyana said...

awwwwww sooo suwiiit. hahaha. wehh bosan gila bazabizi ni. jom la weh gi beli bikini. hahaha.

bona said...

weeeeeeyh jom aaa lepak tgk wayang..., pastu crash umah didi kat cyber ahahah

Diyana said...

jommmmmmmmm! like seriously, jommmmmm! set a day laaa..hahahh

BabyCrownz said...

mek bona ni.. tgk! dia yg kasi idea.. last2 dia yg tade.. :P

BabyCrownz said...
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