Friday, May 28, 2010


10 things i hate about you!

1. i try not to remember.. but the memories are getting clearer...
2. i try not to think of you, but my fingers googled your name..
3. i try to keep my ego, but i keep losing the grip..
4. i try to keep the thought that u are not good for me, but your kindness & sincerity keep popping in my head.
5. i try comparing you with everyone, but you keep winning the fight..
6. i try to keep the bad memories, but it always sweeter than present.
7. i try to say that i hate you, but it hurts inside.
8. i try to erase your name from my mind, but it's getting clearer in my heart..
9. i don't want you let alone live with you, but its getting unsure..
10. i don't want you to know that i actually really love you..but i am writing this to u...

p/s: please tell me you don't love me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


when i was driving this morning, i suddenly came across something that lead me to share with you my thoughts of the day..

for centuries, we growing up with believe that man is higher than woman.
i grew up believing that.
no matter what, man will always be the best leader.
yes, 'leader'.. and they should be..

but what happened was 'some of them' abused the faith.
some who were born with insecurity, low-self esteem, yet egoistic.
so they 'create' this thing, use it and manipulate women who have all the faith in their leadership!

when men did 'things' it's called "cool or okay"! but when women did 'the same things' it's called "cheap or stupid"..

think about it...

p/s: true man believe in facts and understanding.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's been quite a while since i cried wholeheartedly watching a movie.
The last movie that made me cry was 'Children of Heaven'.

Today i've cried like i never been crying before watching this greatest emotional movie i ever watch..

Base on a true story, here i recommend you to watch this heartwarming American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named HACHIKO..

p/s: sebelum tekan play, make sure ada tisue sekotak kat sebelah mkay!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Step Back a Bit

I just read back my posts (gile bosan kan), and I just realized all of it are full with emotions lately.
I haven't post about what really happened in my life now..
There's no humor and my writings are not fun anymore..
OMG, am I old??

Okay, lets not freak out..
Here it is.. the fun Diana again.. tadaaaa! (fun la sangat kan!)
First of all, let’s start with photos (owh, i love photos, tp baru teringat mozilla ni block aku dari upload photos. patutla post aku asyik takde gambar je! pffft! tapi aku dah tau skang, aku bole pakai i.e. hahaha! in you face!)
Owh ooo, before we start with the photos;
Last 2 weeks I went to Penang for Elevate Rock Concert Tour 2010 with of course my Big Boss and 40 Winks. It’s been awhile since I have a trip with so many heads. Okay, let’s talk with the photos…

The 40 Winks
On the way to see him

yes him! Muhammad Qalif bin Muhammad Muaz (the cute little boy!)

behind the scene

ah ha! The Big Boss!

40 Winks on stage

And after the hectic yet satisfied day, we were so lucky to witness this beautiful foreworks on the way to Feringghi (ayat mcm tak pernah tgk fireworks kan)..

And our day ended with great food, pretty colors and so much of laughter...

p/s: aku akan figure out ape masalah pc ni yg susah sangat aku nak upload photos and tulis blog ni mcm dulu. Soon. Very very soon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what's better

what is better than happiness?

when someone ask you to do something, and you think twice..
you wonder whether it's right or wrong..
you start considering every possibilities..
then ask yourself, if you do it will that make you happy?

when someone ask you to stop doing something..
and you start questioning, what's the benefit of stopping..
whether it's good or not for you..
what will happen if you don't..
then STOP!

What is better than be happy?
What is better than be just who you are..
If you think you are still a kid.. than be a kid..

Cause sooner or later you will come to that point..
When you easily differentiate what is good and what is bad..
No one in the world can prove it better than yourself..

What will you learn if everything is told..
How do you know that it was wrong if you never face it..
Who are they to decide your life for you?

They have walked through it..
It's unfair if they closed the door for you just because they fall in front of it..
That might not be theirs, but those doors may be designed for you..

There are so many ways to live life..
Everyone have their own..
for nothing exist with no purpose..

p/s: I know you are there, and i want you to know that you are always here in my heart...

Monday, May 10, 2010

to call my own

I don't know what I feel right now.
I don't know why I feel so alone despite being surrounded by colorful people.
I don't know why I can hardly smile lately.
What's wrong with me?

What I want?
I question that everyday, still I have no answer.

I miss those days of laughter.
I miss those days when I shed tears.
Those days used to feel so real.
Those days used to Be so real!
If only I didn't experience so much...

I heard the greetings, "Welcome to the real life!" so many times till I ain't believe in real life no more.

If all of the days are real life, which one is fake?
And if there are any, how can I tell when I feel the feelings everyday.

How can we forget things especially when it's pretty.
Who are we to decide what to forget when we believed those were real.

p/s: i'm scared and i just realized why..

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Post it

"When the dog bites and the bee stings, I simply remember..."

I miss those days when I was in misery and I don't have to think where to turn to..

p/s: you had me at hello~

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It'll be over

Everything will be over soon.
I believe.
When my hair turned all white, i'll sit on a bench and said, wow.. what a life!

Like all of you, my life is colorful.
Full with stories. Never ending drama.
'Boring' is a word that act as a paint to cover all the trouble in my mind.

I never thought I would come to that point when adult just smile and said, "nothing", and hoping that others won't see the troubles that fill the eyes.
Can't believe that I'm the citizen of adulthood right now.
Which problems are like rice when I was just a little girl.
Like it or not, I have to eat it and continue surviving, because complaining about it will make it worst.

'It's a cruel world' is said as a quiet protest.

I need a shoulder to cry on.
I need someone who can understand my silence and know just what's right to do.
With less talk and unnoticeable actions.

p/s: there's a roller coaster in my mind and the break is broken.