Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my Happy day!

i finally met one of my long-lost buddy, jai!
after 4 years of silence, this afternoon he sms me telling that today is his off day.
and lucky enough, this is my first week of trimester break.
so, we hang out!
we spent 5 hours at BV Cafe talking about the days when we were so close..
all the jokes that we had..

"aku benci kau sampai habis!" "habis ape pian?"
"adakah kamu yakin?" "saya bukan yakin.. saya jai..."
"cipot ke??" "a'a!"

ops! im sorry.. i know you didn't understand the jokes..
but all the jokes are so hilarious to me! sometimes its like we have this secret code when we speaks.
i don't remember when actually that we had a serious conversation.
have we ever had any? haha! i don't know..

i really missed those days! i know that our friendship is not the same anymore, maybe not to them.. but to me, they are still my good friends.. forever!
tina arrived at 8.15pm.. so we didn't have much time to borak cause i had to pick up my mom at 9pm..
and pok cannot join us cause he said.. "i ada hal.."

still i had fun today!!!

p/s: can't wait for next week!

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