Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't fall for me..

Its sunny today.. Not like yesterday, its raining and I'm so confused.
At this moment, everything is settled. I'm relieved.
No more guilt, no more complication, no more weird feelings.

To the person who had shared everything with me..
who always make time for me..
I have something to say.. Here goes..

dear you
i told you we can be friends.. i told you it will be different
and i told you it will be better
because i know all along.. we are meant to be friends
you may not understand me.. i may not understand you
but that's not our part
we don't have to understand each other
we are here to cherish each other.. to support each other
i can make you smile.. i can make you laugh
i can make you happy
but one thing you have to promise me
don't fall for me
because the moment you fall for me
i will make you cry.. and i will make you sad
you want to know why?
because that's us!
as friends, we are better for each other

p/s: Friends are forever aite?..~

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