Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the Memory remains

I don't know why lately i miss my friends so much.
Someone told me that friends come and go.
To me, once you are my friend, you'll stay in my heart forever.

Now, i really miss edy, my long-lost buddy.
He thought me to not to be too serious all the time.
I still remember his words until today..
"Diana.. hidup ni sekali je la.. Janganla serious sangat.."
I guess he's right. Although sometimes he annoyed me by making stupid jokes when i was talking about really serious matter.
But then, that makes him a very unique and interesting friend. :P
I will never forget him.
My most prettiest friend (tapi dia laki tau!)..
Last two days, fattah told me that edy went to Ireland to further study for 3 years.
Gosh, i didn't have a chance to say goodbye..
I don't know how and why we are not close anymore.
But i hope he will never forget me as i always remember him..

I missed pok and jai too.. all the jokes.. all the laughs i had with them..
tak pernah kering gusi la org kata..
sometimes i hope i can turn back time and freeze it..
but then, life must go on right..
i just hope i can hang out with them like those days..

p/s: I miss all my friends!!!~

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