Thursday, October 30, 2008

Da Kasino!

It's been a while since my last post..
hurm, i guess i don't have enough time to blog.
i had a very busy days lately coz I'm staying at my parents.

anyway, for the past few days, i have a new hobby (sort of).
Gambling!!! hahaha! i blame riq for this..
its been two nights in a row for me, the newby.
and sadly i become addicted although i hardly win..
i even added the application in facebook (practice la konon).. huhu

the game called Texas HoldEm Poker.
yeah! poker! i never knew that i can play poker all this while.
maybe because it's just too complicated to understand let alone to play.
thanks to all the gurus who have thought me with patient, now i can already be part of 'da kasino's' members. hahaha!!

but last night i made a stupid move!
i have won quite a lot (the luck was on my side for a while).
suddenly arm appeared..
and as soon as he entered the game he songlap all my money!

fyi: the money that we use for the game is merely for the game. it will be kept for the next round and will never be used to eat.. so don't worry if suddenly i want to belanja you makan. haha!

so, what's the purpose of playing and winning if i can't use the money?
you may ask..
obviously because it's fun! it brings us closer and we had a good laugh in the end of the day!

p/s: i'm looking forward for the next round! hehe


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

aku pon suka main texas holdem gak...lg thrill dari main poker biasa...possibility tuh lg banyak drpd 5 cards at hand...lg kena main player dr main cards...muahahahhhhaa

-aL- said...

habis laa..jadi kaki judi..hahahaha..teruskan!