Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On Monday

i woke up quite early today.. 10am.. hahaha!
(awal la tu kat umh bujang kan.. ala)
i went to Damansara () with aL..
he wanted to rent costume (obviously) for SONY annual dinner..
after trying a great number of different outfits, he finally decided to take the Elvis Presley costume in red! really had to convince him though!
they had to alter the belt coz apparently aL is too skinny! huh.. sungguh tak ku sangka!
unfortunately, i'm not allowed to take picture in the store so i cannot take photo of aL's most funniest appearance. sigh.
if not we can laugh together now, aite? isk

but here, i have a photo of the costume worn by the owner (i think) just to help you imagine on how aL will looks like at the dinner.. huhu

so now, can you join me laughing??
ok, don't worry.. i will definitely upload aL's photos later! and it will be a lot!!!

p/s: ops sorry aL! dah tak surprise.. hopefully none of your colleague read this..

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