Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Addiction

The title itself explains everything..
Yes! I'm addicted..
i promise this will be my last post about poker..
unless... yerp unless i win big time! hehe

all these while we played by the house rule.. who hold a bigger card wins..
but last night we played by the real Texas Holdem Poker Rule!
bigger kicker takes the money!!

i won only once last night! but to win with only slightly bigger kicker felt soooo good! hahaha! (sorry fred)...
aL got almost everyone's money in the end..
he got all the luck last night!
he even won with small cards.. can u believe it?! sigh..
never mind.. it's just a game..
we are not serious okay although we yelled and shouted at each other..

These are the tools that we need for the game...

The Cup: at first we put BMK money
10 cent per player

With that the game begins...

it's hard to explain how the game is played here.
if u really want to know.. Come and join us!

And in the end someone will smile and others will cry.
As for last night, aL walked away with a big smile for the biggest amount of money...

can you guess how much???

p/s: okla.. lepas ni cite benda lain plak.. hehe


-aL- said...

my luck..langsi sket..hahahahahahahaha..riq..meh la bertarung..

BabyCrownz said...

ntahnye riq ni..
dia leh bukak cawangan plak..
sohai kasino.. hahaha!!!