Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a night at PJ

last night i accompany aL to meet his friend that he haven't seen for 5 years plus..
i heard so much about him and me myself also wanted to meet him..
surprisingly he doesn't fit my imagination..
he looks very different from the photo that i've seen.. (ok, mungkin sbb tu gambar time sekolah kot)
last night was the first time we met, and i didn't have any conversation with him..
so, i don't wanna talk so much about him coz i don't really know him yet..

i was sitting there watching and listening to their conversation.
again, i was amazed to see their friendship..
it's so strong and genuine that nothing can jeopardize it..
the support that they give towards each other is priceless..
I've never seen a friendship like this before..
and i never thought it exist!

the brothers

p/s: selamat berkenalan king~


-aL- said...

It exist within us jaq..and it will remain as long as u can imagine..welcome back King..we miss you and we will together support you for your future.bless..thanks jaq for the writing

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

woot...lama giler xnampak muka king ni..muka xberubah pon dr last time aku nampak dia..huhuhuhuhu~~

dulu2 old town cafe xwujud lg...

BabyCrownz said...

tak berubah ke??
ok maybe sbb i tak penah tgk dia live kot.. tgk dlm gambar masa sekolah, so nampak lain ar.. huhu

Anonymous said...

king.. sila buat facebook...!

poklare sanchez said...

stuju... buat facebook king..!