Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday i picked up King and we went to Pavilion to meet PokLare..
Mache and Sharul joined us soon after..
None of us has any idea what to do, so we ended up eating donut at JCo..

Later on, all of us except PokLare went to Stoppa's house..
It was a really fun day until...

my car broke down (actually kete aL la)..
and im the driver!!! demm..
the front tyre blow up and we can't change it coz theres no tool..
it happened at midnight in the middle of nowhere..
actually bukan nowhere la, but we have no idea where's the location, and later we found out it's Jalan Parlimen.. huhu

At that time, only me, Mache and Sharul were in the car..
I've sent King and Stoppa home already..

There's a saying..
'Friends in need are friends indeed'..
I called few friends, and without asking many Qs, they came to us straight away..
Helping us to solve the problems..
It took us few hours to settle things and i knew all of them are working today..
But all of them stayed with me until everything settled..

I'm so grateful that i have them* as friends..

them* Boy, Jumann, Kimin, Fateh & Che Pah

p/s: thanks a lot guys.. sorry menyusahkan..


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

wah..ada sambungankah? apa jadi kt umah stoppa ??

BabyCrownz said...

|1f34|-|1r3 : haha bukan kat umh stoppa.. tak larat sgt nak menaip semalam.. :(
jap nak tanya, u ni sape sebenarnye?? sory sbb skang baru nak tanya..

pok^lare said...

tu lah... sape kah anda.. pelik sgt ejaan nama anda....