Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the craziness

class have started!! MMU began its new trimester last Monday..
but i've just attended my first class today.. hehe
okay, actually its not really a class.. its a presentation for my fyp* proposal..

fyp* final year project

there are 3 lecturers judging our proposals.
all of them are crazy..
despite their seriousness, they make me laugh quite few times..
i started to like Mr.K..
before this i will be shaking and turn blue every time he entered the class.. (muka dia garang gile beb!)
hopefully it won't happen again coz i'll be seeing him a lot this trimester (almost everyday kot)..

this will be the busiest and craziest trimester in my entire life as a student in MMU.

before presentation

my lecturers yg coolness! haha!

during presentation (menggelabah sampai salah ckp)

p/s: it'll be just fine DiaNa (menyedapkan hati sendiri).. hehe

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