Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Open house

I reached home from kg at 6am on Saturday morning. since i was away from cyber world for a week so i didn't sleep right away but i chose to torture my eyes and my body by online. hehehe. Suddenly at 11.30am Naem msg me (ym) and invited me to go to Maikel's open house. And I don't know why, i accepted it (gile concept spontaneous berani mati punyer!). I warned Naem to never leave me alone so many times since I was shy (terkejut tak!?), and coz i don't know anyone there accept for him and Maikel. (in fact aku baru je plak tu kenal derang berdua ni. Pernah jumpe sekali je, and masa tu takde borak sgt pon sbb tgh discuss keje ngan aziz)

And after berkelam-kelibut unpack all my things from the car (which super duper banyak coz mama bagi kat kami barang-barang dia sekali T_T), I immediately went to PJ to pick up Naem. Dugaan agak besar utk tiba ke rumah terbuka itu. Some of the friends came late, some got lost on the way, some have to find toilet.. (-_-")
but it was fun! I really enjoy the moment looking at Naem's hungry face. hahaha!

When we were there, suddenly I became the rare me!
I didn't speak!!! can u believe that?! huhuhuhu. seriously people, i talk a lot but only with friends, not with people that I don't know yet. So some people may think that I am a quiet person. Tapi pabila mereka menjadi kawanku mereka akan menyesal berfikir begitu T_T

inilah hasilnya! kelakuan bersopan santun. (-_-")

salam perkenalan semuanya! :)

And after that I was supposed to go home already when suddenly Maikel ran away from his house to follow Naem to other friend's open house (perangai siyot) and invited me to go along. I was already a little bit blurry as the result of staying up after driving from Penang, so I can't think straight and honestly I think they were fun to hang out with, so I said yes! :D

So this is the second house we went:

saye follow mereka inilah! eh, mana my hubby?

with tuan rumah (Nana)

The food was awesome in both houses, and they were also very friendly. So as much as I felt shy, i still have fun and enjoy the day so much!
erk, mcm dah nak penutup story plak..

Actually, after Nana's house, we went to another house (which i also don't know the owner :P). So concept hari itu ialah spontaneous dan follow sajelah! hehehe.
It was already at night and seriously despite my all-the-time-smiling face that i potrait, my body has already shaking and my head was spinning sometimes.
I was covering it from them but I think Maikel noticed it, so he asked me to go home to get some sleep. (ke sebenarnye dia halau aku weh? huhu)

Hurm... papahal that day was awesome! Random and spontaneous (dah 3 kali kuar perkataan ni). Really hope that we can hang out again sometimes. Thanks to them all especially to Maikel and Naem for not leaving me alone and entertained me all the way. Thank you so much! I had fun!

p/s: ni crita hari sabtu, hari ahad aku kasi sambung later. ngantuk dah. babai


I woke up early to go to my uncle's open house at Sepang. They just got back from Japan. (celebrate raya kat jepun. jeles.)
As expected, it was fun! I love them all. Okay, nothing more to say.

nanti dah dpt gambar aku letak*

After that we went to my friend's house. He was my classmate back in 1995 (sekolah rendah tu). He was also my neighbor. So his parents is my parents' friend. Basically they work together at Langkawi's airport. I haven't seen him for about a year, and he's already married (yg bestnye, dia kawen ngan adik ex aku. waaah kecilnya dunia! T_T) His mom is sick. It's sad to see the person i knew in that condition. I'll pray for her to get better. Amiiin.

At night we went to my other friend's house pulak. perhubungan kami sama la lebey kurang mcm ngan kawan aku yg tadi tu. We were all staying at airport quarters Langkawi last time. So, quarters confirm ar parents kawan-kawan dan anak-anak pon berkawan juga kan. hehe.

this is the best thing about raya. kite dapat berjumpa kembali rakan-rakan lama.
i know that we can meet each other even bukan time raya pon kan. but then, thats our culture. raya je gi jalan umah org! ok ape kan. drp tak jumpe langsung. hehe

p/s: hari raya hari yang mulia~

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