Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Perfect Shoe

Few years back, when I was wandering alone at a shopping mall, I’ve found this shoe that was so gorgeous yet simple. It was a bit pricey so it took me sometimes to actually buy it. I wanted to make sure that my money won’t go to waste so I tried the shoe few times and each time I felt the same thing. It was very comfortable! So not long after that I bought that shoe!

Few months later I started to realize that this shoe can be worn with any kind of outfit. So I wear it for casual outing, formal meeting, fancy dinner and even for sports sometimes; and to my surprised, it never betray me. It looked perfect every time. My friends admire and love the shoe. They thought I was so lucky to actually owned that ideal shoe.

But then, after a few years of faithfully wearing it, I started to questioned, why this is so easy for me. Why is it so hard for others to find the perfect shoe? I saw them trying so many different shoes and some of them still can’t find their perfect shoe until now. Some of them found one and then it’s broken or missing. Why is this shoe still in a good condition even though I’ve worn it all the time, anywhere, everywhere? Is this for real? I always believed that this shoe was made and designed especially for me, but what if it’s not? Then I started to questioned it’s invisible flaws.

While I was wondering and questioning, unexpectedly I found another shoe that look so smart. At first I just look at it and admiring it. I don’t have any intention to buy it because I was already comfortable wearing my perfect shoe. Then all of a sudden, I fall and my feet got hurt. I was so shocked and mad at my perfect shoe, I threw it at one corner, and I rushed to the shop to buy that smart shoe.

I was so happy with my new smart shoe because it’s different and it gave me thrilling experience. But after just few weeks I started to realize that this shoe doesn’t suit my old outfits. So I bought some new outfits to match it. It’s quite an experienced for me because not all outfits suit the shoe and if I wear it wrongly, my foot will get hurt. So, I changed my wardrobe and my activities.

Then, the most astonishing things happened. I lost the new smart shoe. I don’t know what happened, suddenly it’s gone. I was so sad and felt so miserable. I looked for it everywhere but I can’t find it. At last I found out that it has been stolen and I can never get it back. It took me a couple of months to actually accept the fact that the smart shoe didn’t even fit me perfectly. I had to squeeze my foot and I had to walk very carefully or it will hurt me badly.

After a few months walking barefoot, I started to wander at shopping malls again to find a brand new shoe. I’ve tried a few shoes, but I found it so hard and tiring, because I can’t find the shoe that I want. Why is it so hard? Why are all the shoes have flaws? Why can’t they fit my foot perfectly? Maybe this time I became too careful because I don’t want to get hurt again.

Suddenly I remember my old perfect shoe. I come to understand that all these while I’ve been looking for something like it. But nothing can compare to it because it was so magical and it was definitely designed for me. I ran back home and looked for it at the corner where I threw it last time but it’s not there anymore. I was stunned at first, but then I remember…

When I was so mad at it and threw it at the corner, a friend of mine came to me and asked me if she can have it. Because I was so irritated by it, I can’t think carefully at that time, I actually said yes to her. Now I realized that I’ve gave away the most precious shoe I ever had and I will never get it back. I feel so upset because I actually didn’t lose it, but I gave it away. I have only myself to blame now. I obviously feel regrets but there’s nothing I can do about it now . I just hope that one day I will find a better shoe or at least a shoe that is as perfect as ‘My Perfect Shoe’.

p/s: i miss you, my perfect shoe .


Anonymous said...

it is adidas??hehe

BabyCrownz said...

anonymous: if u read it carefully u'll know the brand.

samad said...

metaphorically done!!great writer u it based on ur exp?

Anonymous said...

maybe u shud not find the perfect shoe but wait till u encounter it?

BabyCrownz said...

samad: thanks. yerps, my exp.

anonymous: i think so too.

nooreen.rahman said...


samad said...

wut happen to the perfect shoe now??tell us

BabyCrownz said...

.. and now my perfect shoe has found a better owner, i guess. and all i can do is hoping and praying that the new owner will took a really good care of it. so far i heard that it has been given a really good treatment and will soon move to a very nice shoe-rack. i do hope that it will never forget me although i've been treated it badly back then, praying that i will be forgiven. if i've been given a chance i wanted to tell my perfect shoe that i was to ego to admit that i love it so much back then and i did felt jealous when others admiring it and wanted to try it. but now, i hope it will be used wisely by it's new owner. :)

Anonymous said...

very tragic

syud said...

kecoh ah babe.
beli je kasut lain..
kasut lain pon kalau ko pakai lame2 dia kembang..
selesa je jugaaaak..


BabyCrownz said...

babe.. gile make sense statement ko.. thanks so much! love u!