Monday, September 14, 2009


September 11th 2009

after a very very looooong discussion and argumentation, at last we ended up breaking fast at Itallianies Sunway, which was actually the first idea. The thread was such a drama. There were so many suggestions and objections. But that was fun though.

11 of us finally made it. The food was okay but the night was really awesome.

so excited when i saw this! called diyana right away!

we were the first to arrived so we placed the order

while waiting for the 'azan' and also the others

11 of us!

bila dah kenyang...

a r o u n d t h e w o r l d ! we got it!

the bill and the treasurers

arm, gump, feeda, elin, anan, aswaq, qaha, kecik
dause, diyana, jaq

if you think the night has ended here, u are wrong!
although it's quite hard for us to make the decision (we love to argue!), but we will never end it just like that. so what's next?

B o w l i n g !
i will not upload other pics coz it was so embarrassing. :P

Another argument came afterward...

but i had fun with diyana. hehe

finally we decided. so here is the final destination

darussalam ss15

ops! wrong again. that was not the last place. but there were no pic of the last place we went.
this is the last pic of that night...

have u seen this? designed by diyana & diana.
hahaha! (poyo giler)

p/s: see you guys after raya! xoxo


nooreen.rahman said...

babe, kurusnye u!!!!!!! jeles!

BabyCrownz said...

lor, u pon kurus jugak! comel plak tu! i lagi jeles. huhu

Anonymous said...

tak ajak!!

BabyCrownz said...

kalau ajak nak pegi ke? :P