Tuesday, January 06, 2009

parents have weird mind...

Argh! I am so fff...ing busy! thesis.. fyp.. exam.. pfft!
i told my friends that i will not write something emotional in my blog..
that's the rule that i set the day i created this blog..
be as non-emotional as possible..

but then, rules are made by human some say..
and rules are meant to be broken..
so today! i can't stand it anymore...
aku dah tak boleh blah!!!

Abah called me just now, while i'm doing my thesis..
he asked me to stay at home and ulang-alik to cyber..
i told him i can't, coz i'm very busy..
because everytime i stay at home, i can't do my work..
mama will ask me to cook, to clean up the house, to wash the car, feed the cat, siram pokok pon kene gak! mmg takla aku nak duduk rumah kan.. bukan sbb aku malas, tp sbb aku banyak keje!
and this word, his word that make me feel so... argh!!!
"hang ni memanjang busy.. org lain belajaq jugak!"

please... why can't my parents understand???
aku memang banyak keje laaaaaa!!!
yang paling aku tak paham.. hari² tanya aku, bile nak grad..
ni aku tgh nak grad la ni... sbb tu la aku busy!

p/s: aku tgh kabut mcm ribut buat thesis ni! esok submission! matila...


lanku^^ said...

besabar lah yea...
buat bendalah fyp tu mmg la agak mencabar...
tp boleh...
gud luck!

BabyCrownz said...