Saturday, January 03, 2009

new Chapter

2008 is last year now..
there are things that happened in 2008 which i will keep in my mind forever..
and there are also things that i hope i can erase from my memory..
2008 is the most busiest year in my entire life.. and by busy i mean body and soul..
i found, i lost, i love, i hate, i smiled, i cried, i fall, i learn, i forgive and forget...
its a history now.. and im scrolling to the new slide..

p/s: i take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who supported me in my journey.. and i would like to apologize for all the complication, misunderstanding, and my wrongdoings throughout 2008..


yes! its 2009 already..
i'm entering a new chapter of my life..
i pray hard for this year to be the greatest year ever..

and it's a great start because this year i accompanied by lots and lots of LOVE!
my family seems to be closer.. More understanding and more supportive..
i have more friends than enemy..
i'm in my final year, which means i will graduate soon.. (can't wait to wear the robe!!!)

and most prominently, i have found my Soul mate!
my King, my darling, my heartbeat, my precious, my everything...
The One who i love the most!
Mr.Right who always made my day..
In ups and down, because of him, i am strong and happy..

Well Come 2009

p/s: Love x27..!~ winks*


thE X-pLaYeR said...

eeeewwww!!! safe it... king konon... wek wek wek...

BabyCrownz said...


BabyCrownz said...
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Quastro said...

King & Queen ni!:)

BabyCrownz said...