Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Unseen

at almost 12am last night, elle asked me to accompany her to NZ..
we were so bored staying at home all day..
San is meeting his friends at Taman Melati, so he dropped us at NZ..

Later on Jumann & Epol came and we had a drink..
While chatting, suddenly Elle came up with an idea..

Elle: Jom jalan-jalan cari hantu! (dengan suara yang ceria)

All of us looked at her, thought she was joking..
Then we realized that she's demm serious..
and after a long discussion and argument, we finally agreed to give it a try..

We went to Kemensah..
Jumann said there's a house that is believe to be haunted..
When we passed by the house, a white satria stopped and parked right in front of it..
5 men were in the car..
Jumann stopped our car, and have a chat with them..

They all wanted to get into the house..
(siap bawak camera babe)
I believed one of them has been there before..
But the others looked terrified..

We leave them and went further up…
The road were so creepy at Kemensah..
I looked behind and it’s extremely dark!
Suddenly I remembered ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang’. Shit!

There’s a small street which only one car can passed by at a time.
Jumann said that is the creepiest pathway because it has a dead end, and we can’t turn back..
We need to reverse the car to get down..
At first we were planning to go there..
But after looking at the entrance, hurm..
We decided to go there on our next trip..

It was a fun trip although the luck was not on our side as we didn’t see anything last night.. After all they are called ‘The Unseen’ isn’t it? :P

p/s: We are preparing for the next trip! wanna join?

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