Thursday, January 29, 2009

a Healthy Day

elle woke me up at 8am this morning (i mean yesterday, since now is already 1:50am-the next day)
what i meant was, this thing that im going to tell here happened on wednesday-28 Jan 09..
(haih, susah plak nak explain)

anyway, we woke up early and went swimming!
elle thought me and San to swim.. but it seems that we are not a really good student, coz in the end, we still can't swim correctly.. haha! gile lembab kiterang!
and San thought me to do hand stand, and again, im such a slow learner, i still can't do it till now! haih.. but but but.. i won't give up okay! wish me luck! :P

after that, we had Pancake with Honey for breakfast.. hurm.. yummy!

later on we went to Giant Puchong and Pasar Borong Sri Kembangan to buy groceries for our half-empty kitchen..
I helped elle to cook.. I cooked rice and telur dadar (panggil ape eh in english?).. and the main dish was prepared by elle.. Fish soup! healthy and yummy!

then we had a rest...

around 6pm, i helped elle to make dinner.. Lasagna!
wuhuu! more yummier!!! (wujudkah perkataan ini?)

kalau nak recipi, leh mintak kat elle! hehe

while making dinner, elle asked me if i wanna join her climb.. i'm so excited with the idea, i immediately asked King and he agreed to follow too.. yeay!
so... we went climbing at Shah Alam Extreme Park..

i'm so happy today although i only managed to climb 2 routes.. but it's so hard (at least for me) and i managed to complete it! i'm so proud of myself! hahaha!!!
and i'm proud of King too, coz this is his first time climbing and he also managed to complete the routes! ale ale sayang!

with the deepest gratitude i wish to thank Elle and San for the ride, the fun, the joy, the laughter, and the best time that i had today! Thank you so much! especially to elle who had been a tutor, a teacher, a trainer and the chef today! You rock gurl! (don't give up on me k! i'm learning to be better.. hehe)

i had a real fun today! with all the climbers, elle, san and especially with my darling, King!

To King: Today is great, and i know we'll have more great experience in the near future! I love you so much sayang!! and I miss u a lot!!!

p/s: it's really a Healthy Day!

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