Monday, January 19, 2009


kete aku kene tarik pagi tadi..
zira nampak depan mata tapi tak sempat buat apa²..

perasaan: SANGAT PALAT!

i borrowed elle's car and went to Majlis Perbandaran Sepang..
they did't say anything, just handed me two receipts:

1. Slip kompaun : RM80
2. Bil Pelbagai :
2.1. Kos tunda: RM200
2.2. Kos tahanan kenderaan: RM10
2.3. Kos simpanan kenderaan: RM10

So, total for everything is RM300!

An indian guy came to me, h
ave a chat with him. A very nice-understanding-friendly person.
He asked me to meet him at level 3. He said he could help so that I don't have to pay anything.

Went to level 3, and he asked me to wait while he called his bos.
Then his bos came. Meet him at discussion room with zira.
Such an asshole. Feel like punching him right on the face..
Kerek nak mampos! Malas aku nak story panjang². Yang aku ingat dia cakap banyak kali -"Bukan masalah saya", sambil angkat² kening dan buat muka. Pfft!

Then that indian guy asked us to meet YDP. but he's not around, and another guy asked us to go to Timbalan YDP's room. Didn't even see him, but his PA took the receipts, and later she handed it to me and asked me to renew the receipt. The total have changed to RM260.

now, im in the room.. The car is still there.. I still can't pay.. huhu
I'm waiting for... hurm do no what..

p/s: kat cyber dah takde tempat nak parking. aku nak mintak pil kete yg dalam cite dragon ball tu!


thE X-pLaYeR said...

be patient lo... the conclusion of ur story is " they want ur money, still"... u should send a letter to the govt. they should know better... da takde parking takkan nak mencucuk kat tepi pokok kot...

BabyCrownz said...

ha btol la tu!! gov dah tade duit, buat camnila.. haih la...

mps_babi said...

majlis perbadaran sepang mcm babi...penguatkuasa anak haram