Monday, October 19, 2009


I experienced something really weird this weekend.
It was so unbelievable till i thought it was merely a dream.
Honestly it was a great experience although i'm not proud with it and not thinking of repeating it.
But in life we have to learn by experiencing things right!?

A good friend of mine told me that I have so much things to learn.
Just go with it, and learn from it.
I guess he was demm right!

It was nice to remember but I have to forget it.
Can't believe that I take it so easily right now.
Can't even believe I was in that situation and at this moment I just want to let it be.

p/s: I know i can't forget it. The least I can do is not sharing it with others, so I will have no one to remind me about it..

1 comment:

nooreen.rahman said...

wah... minda i meliar tertanya tanya. he he he, btw yupp js go w it, and learn frm it whatever it is. u will nvr knw unless u've experienced it. cewah... padahal tak tau ape pun ;) cheers~