Monday, October 26, 2009

Those Were The Days

My photo editing skill is not as good as kecik nowadays.
Yeah, Kecik gua salute lu babe. Gua kenal lu drp tak reti langsung photoshop, skang gambar-gambar lu memang powww!

Anyway, this is the result of missing my good old days. I miss my partners in crime so much and i wish i can turn back time and freeze it a little bit longer.
Not that i am not happy today, but those days were really great and they are all truly are my friends who i will remember and love till my last breath. I will never forget all the jokes and sweet moments with you guys.. (walaupon biasanya asyik kene bahan je) :P

Words can't describe how much I love all of you. All I can say is I thank God so much for giving me such wonderful and colorful friends! I know deeply that all of you will stay in my heart and my mind forever and I believe we will stay friends till eternity..

p/s: gua sayang dan rindu bangat sama lu orang wey!

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