Wednesday, October 28, 2009

no answer

I met him unplanned. We get along well. We become closer and ended up becoming good friends.
We can talk about everything. Funny things, serious things, emotional things, even some weird things. No pretending. Nothing to hide. Nothing to be scared of. I can truly be myself with him.
No one can ever comfort me as good as him. Because he has a very different way.
He didn't use all the sweet and comforting words, but I realized that his way is the best way to make me feel safe. And I believe he doesn't even realized it coz he never pretend.
Sometimes when I feel unsafe and insecure, all I have to do is just imagine what will he say to me if I talk to him, and just by doing that I can already smile.
Unintentionally I fall for him. Maybe this is wrong, or maybe it has been written. I have no answer for that. Maybe this is just temporary and maybe it will last forever.
All I can do is just enjoying this moment for as long as I can. Coz if he is just a dream, I wish I will never wake up...
But in the end, I am not Princess Jasmine but I do hope that he is my Aladdin.

p/s: cerminku retak seribu~

pss: ni post ke 100.. hurm~

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