Wednesday, March 04, 2009

eye trick

found this on the internet..

If you stare at the nose of this person for 1 min and then close your eyes,
after approximately 5-10 sec the real positive of the picture will appear while you're still closing your eyes.

Warning: This image could make you dizzy,
or not feel well, if that happens please stop looking at the image.

Stare at the BLACK dot... After a while the grey haze will begin to shrink!

Notice how the placement of blocks in this eye illusion not only makes an interesting pattern, but it makes the center of the checkerboard appear to bulge out. Of course, all the lines are perfectly straight, if you move your head close to your screen, you will see that this is true.

How many black dots can you see?

p/s: tgh cari gambar yg color² je tapi bile kite blurkan mata, leh nampak image.. sape tau ape nama dia?

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