Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i had a seminar for MI class yesterday and today..
i almost didn't attend the class yesterday coz syaza and diyana were sick and i don't want to be alone..
but my attendance is already red so i decided to go anyway..
i didn't know we were going to have a seminar.. in fact no one knows except the lecturers and the speakers of course..

this is so unusual for me..
i attended the whole two days, morning and evening sessions..
even syaza missed one of the session!
(gile pelik sebab aku dikenali sebagai seorang yg suke memonteng)
its even more weirder coz i managed to came early each time..
normally i came late for the 9.30am class and today we had to be there at 8.45am, and i reached at 8.40am! (gile hairan aku cemana bole terawal ntah)

but lucky for me coz i learn so many things especially about the industry from the great speakers.. they also gave me some ideas for my fyp.. hooray!
they are all successful now and they used to be a MMU Student like me.. hurm

as promised, in the end each of us got a certificate from our department (Media Innovation)

the Certificate

successfully participated okay!

p/s: i'm so proud of myself! i'm becoming a better person! hooya!

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