Tuesday, March 10, 2009


ok.. found it.. Autostereogram..
love this thing so much now!
for the past few years, i looked at the picture and i didn't see anything..
it's quite frustrating when i watched my dad, my uncle, and my cousins discussing about the 3d images that they saw..
i've tried so hard till my eyes hurt and lead to a very bad headache.. haih

i found this website and finally i can see the 3d images clearly.. yeay!!!
let me share something here..
the cross eyes technique (juling) is not working for this.. and u should not just make your eyes blurry without any focus..
it's quite easy actually..
you should not focus on the picture, but u have to look beyond the screen as if the screen is see through.. it's like your screen is a glass and u are looking at something far behind your screen..
then when you see the image, keep looking at the background of the image so that you won't loose focus and the 3d image will become clearer.. got it?

ok lets try...

a dog

a butterfly

a starfish


American football

can you see?

p/s: akhirnya... huhu


kak nad said...

last skali tukang kebun pakai topi

BabyCrownz said...

yeah!! kak nad nampak.. huhu