Sunday, March 29, 2009

it's been so long

yesterday is earth hour day..
ida told me she had bought candles so we can lit it outside her room and spend one hour there..
what a nice idea!
at 7pm mas and rosman came.. mas brought the things she bought in Bandung..
we waited for ida coz suddenly she is missing in action.. (nak kene budak kecik ni!)

at 8.25pm ida still didn't come back..
so we thought we just switch off the lights anyway and plan for something else to do..
at 8.35pm King called me.. told me that tasha have switch off the lights in their house.. great!
and ziera text me saying that my family also support earth.. coolness!

it's really dark in my house, so mas, rosman and i have a tour around campus..
mmu was so dark.. the only lights we saw is just at toilets in hostel and at the guard house..
it took us just 1/2 an hour to come back to the house..
so we decided to spend the rest 1/2 an hour at the park nearby..

it's been so long since i play swing.. it felt so great!
it reminds me of the early time in cyberjaya..
when there is no block B and block C..
just the old townhouse and block A..
i used to spend the nights playing swing while faiz and others sitting at the bench waiting for me..

mas, rosman and i discussed about our childhood..
the games that we played back then..
getah, galah panjang, batu seremban, police and thief, tuju selipar and a lot more!
like them, i'm also glad i was born in 80s..
coz back then we don't have computer games or ps3..
we normally play in groups and it makes us closer with friends..

earth hour really bring back memories for me..
i hope next time we can spend one hour in the city..

p/s: i love my life...


unkleventrikel said...

awww! aku dok baca tetiba nampak nama aku... so sweet!

oh ye, just a thought. i notice u've improved A LOT on ur english. so much that i sincerely think that urs is better than most of ur old UIA friends.

BabyCrownz said...

yeah faiz!! i really miss those days!! gile lame kan..
n sangat lama tak jumpe u ok..
nanti i dah abis fyp n hopefully graduated, leh la kite berjumpe dan melepak eh..

hurm, mmg i pon rasa my english improved la compared to masa u kenal i dulu.. hehehe. tu mcm buruk gile kan.. tp skang takdela bagus mana pon.. still rasa kene improve lagi la.. thats why i tulis blog in english, walaupon kakadang broken je.. actually sbb nak try impovekan gakla.. :D

unkleventrikel said...

good good.
yeah. nanti abis fyp kita lepak!