Friday, February 27, 2009

I Can't Wait!!!

Yes yes yes! seriously i can't wait!
i've been waiting for quite sometimes for this movie..

26 March - Malaysia

the thing is i'm NOT a shopaholic..
but i read the books.. in facts i own all the shopaholic series except for this one:

this book is in my wish list
already! :P

this movie is a big thing for me.. and i can't wait to see how the stories is narrated in the movie..
i know it will not be 100% like the book, but i'm sure it will be as fabulous as Sophie Kinsella described it..

and the photos taken from the scenes in the movie looks rather great too..

i've posted the trailer HERE last year!!!
see, i told you, i've been waiting for quite sometimes already..

p/s: Lets jom watch this with me.. hehe

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