Saturday, February 14, 2009

P&G ASEAN Business Challenge in MMU Cyber


P&G is coming to MMU this 18 Feb (Wednesday) for P&G Career Talk & Special Launch of P&G ASEAN Business Challenge in MMU Cyber.

Business Challenge is something like Donald Trump's The Apprentice (tapi tak masuk TV la). Real-live business challenges and case studies, winners from Malaysia will compete winners from other countries in Bangkok for ASEAN Finals (fully paid trip), winners get latest MacBook, tuition fee support...and mostly, outstanding ones will get P&G job offer or internship offer. Seriously, lots of fun, duduk hotel semua.

Need your help:
1. Just go to the event page link and click "Attending". This will help to spread the buzz. Link is

2. Send the link or use the "Share" tool on the event page to your friends/juniors who are still in MMU.

It's open only to 2nd year (Beta) and Final year students across Malaysia, not just MMU. So if you have adik2, cousins pun can tell them. To have a better idea, check out

p/s: this message was sent to me by my friend Cooper.. help to spread it around ya.. thanks so much!


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