Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the Thesis

today was a really kelam-kabut day!
my thesis format was messed up!!
promised syaza that we are going to bind the thesis today..
but at 1pm i still can't arrange the page numbers correctly..
why am I so lembab la.. haih..
at around 3pm i managed to finish it.. lega den! Fuh!
Syaza, Diyana, Mira and myself rent a car from abg mokhtar to go to serdang to bind the thesis..
the car was parked so far away and we have to walk there under the spotlight of the sun and the hot breeze.. adoihla...

when we reached Serdang, something bad happened!
i forgot to bring a few pages of my thesis.. argh!!! stress giler!!!
(aku dah agak bende bangang mcm ni akan jadi! hish!)
but it's ok.. there's always solution for every problems.. aite? King always tell me to calm down and don't panic..
just relax and pray.. i closed my eyes and inhale the oxygen very deeply...

then.. miracle happened.. sort of.. hehe
i still have my report in the pendrive.. yuhuu!
but i have to edit it in right there and then..
and there's a few times i printed the wrong things.. sengal btol lah!
but at last.. it's finish..
(tp blom cukup lega lagi sbb blom ambik.. sampai dah submit nanti baru rasa lega kot..)

p/s: tolongla jangan salah format ke ape.. amiiin...

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