Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ladder to the Sky...

its been 2 days already i became an unofficial tutor..
i've been discussing with King the law of contract..
i realized something strange.. i still remember!!
can't believe i still remember all the principles and cases.. i left this thing for about 5 years already..
but maybe, just maybe i actually love reading law (lecturer aku kata dulu takleh sebut study law, kene sebut read law)..
so i found it interesting and i'm really happy doing it..
apatah lagi untuk King ku yg tercinta.. chewah!

and while discussing with King about law, i'm doing my own assignment -sketching..
huhu.. weird.. i'm usually not a multitasking person..
normally i can't even listening to music while talking..
and now i'm reading, chatting/discussing, watching movie, listening to music and sketching at the same time.. giler terrer aku skang!
it's all because of Love.. hahaha!!!

p/s: i'm in Love!!! bear with me my friends.. hehe

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